Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


11. Book One: Chapter Ten: The Fight On The West Side

Last time, Ally and Katsu were assigned the position of going to the west side to protect HQ.

So we found a worthy opponent, Honos. Enyo replied. You are right. Honos replied. I'm sorry but we can't let wanna be gods to attack HQ. Ally replied. What did you call us? Honos asked. Well, wanna be god and goddess. If I remember, Honos is supposed to be a god of honor. Yes, I do embody that and I will not be looked down on by a low life as of you. Honos replied. Enyo is supposed to be a goddess of war.Especially the busty blonde that has an attitude. Enyo replied. What did you just call me, I will show you what this blonde can do to you! Ally replied. Katsu holds Ally back. Don't let her provoke you, that is what she wants you to act like this. Katsu replied. I want blondie. Enyo replied. Ally jumped into the air and summoned her halberd, Ferrum in Avaritia. So you wield a nasty weapon over there. Enyo replied. Enyo summoned her weapon and cut Ally's arm. How do you like that? Oops, I went too far I cut your arm and a little bit of that blouse. Enyo replied. Ally switched out her weapon again and summoned duel blades. So you want to play? Enyo replied. We can't let the ladies have all the fun. Honos replied. Honos ran up and cut Katsu across the chest. This is what they sent to stop us? Honos asked. A sword was thrown and it was lodged in Honos' arm. Let's go. Honos replied. Just where the hell do you think you're going? Katsu replied. How did you throw it from that much of a distance? Honos asked. I am not just a swordsman. I am also an archer as well. Katsu replied. So you are worth the fight? Honos replied. Katsu ran and punched Honos in the face. Wow, you have guts to be hitting a god. Ally replied. As you said before wanna be gods right? Ally replied.

Ally and Katsu's battle with Enyo and Honos has just begun.

Why you little you dare scratch a god and goddess? Honos asked. Yes, I would especially the goddess who thinks she better than me. Ally replied. Ally summoned a sword and Enyo yelled: "Come and be punished by the gods!" Soon as their weapons touched a big aftershock happened. The woman was fighting so fast that they almost broke the sound barrier. Damn I know I heard the rumors but she is terrifying up close. Katsu replied. Don't just stand their and watch! Fight me low life! Honos yelled. Do you dare put wounds on a goddess? Enyo asked. Bring up anything about being a goddess once again, I will cut your throat and rip out your vocal cords. Ally replied. Oh Honos, that is not an empty threat. Ally replied. Would you actually rip her vocal cords out? Katsu asked. After this all over, just ask Kaoru how cruel I can be. Ally replied. How is it that she has minor injuries but I have more injuries. Enyo thought. I bet you are thinking, "How does she have fewer wounds then I?" Ally asked. I'll answer your question. The sword I just summoned is called Temptress of Greed. It was once a blade that took down the demon lord, Shinku. Ally replied. Wait that sword killed that demon lord? Katsu asked. Yes, the woman killed him and took his wealth. Ally replied. You see wannabe goddess, the blade is sharp enough to do more than wound it could cut your head and limbs off with no effort. Ally replied. Is that so? Look at the trees that other objects around our fight they have been cut clean. Ally replied. How dangerous is this girl? Enyo thought.

Enyo ambushed Ally. The two ran summoned swords to see whose sword would reach each other. Ally was slashed with Enyo's sword. Ally's slash knocked her out and her sword was cracked in half. Ally was about to pass out but Katsu caught Ally. Honos rushed over to Enyo. Why you low life monster. How dare you attack her. Honos asked. Honos ran was about to attack Ally. Katsu summons a sword and stopped his sword. How did he just stop me? Honos thought. Katsu that guy isn't like that girl I just fought. Ally replied. I know he is powerful. He just cracked my sword I just summoned. Katsu replied. Can you stand? Katsu asked. No, that attack cut hurt my leg. Ally replied. Let me carry you. Katsu replied. As Katsu picked her up and put her under the tree, Ally was slowly falling to sleep. I see you use weapons they are from those catalogs in that Forbidden Library. What is yours let me guess, Gula or Acedia? Honos asked. Yes, I study on the Gula. Katsu replied. Then you must powerful then. Honos replied. Other than you, I don't use show off my abilities. Katsu replied. So you are one of those. Honos replied. Honos ran towards Katsu. Katsu took off his bracelet.

Ally and Enyo's fight has ended.

Ally squinted her eyes and saw Katsu take his bracelet off. She was curious about why he was taking it off? When he took it off it turned into kusarigama. What in the world is that weapon you summoned from that bracelet? Honos asked. Let's just say, many weapons can be concealed in the form of a bracelet or any type of ornament of your choosing. I went for this bracelet because I know what it is capable of doing. Katsu replied. What can you do with such a weapon? Honos asked. Well, I can do this. Katsu replied. Katsu twirled the chain and threw the sickle. Katsu cut Honos' side. Did he cut me? Honos thought. I hate to tell you this but the more you dodge my weapon the more your wound will open. Katsu replied. In HQ, the others were shocked at what they saw Katsu did. That is one of the treasures that he was rewarded for during his training. Wendy replied. Aren't wait for those treasure of Gula? Yukimoto asked. Yes and there hard to find. I have rewarded the necklace and ribbon of I wore when we were younger? Wendy asked. I didn't know they were weapons until you used them. Fumiyo replied. The weapon he is wielding is called the Kusarigama of Carnage. Wendy replied. As you are watching, you will see why he was called Prince of Shura and Moros. We recruited that monster?! Higashiyama asked. Yeah, we did and for his friends too. The environment they were in wasn't suitable for them. Yukimoto replied. As the two were fighting, Honos had many cuts on his sides and arms. Ally was still looking and was shocked at the way he was using such a weapon. Honos slash was aimed for Ally but Katsu rushed to protect her. Honos slashed Katsu in the back. Katsu are you ok? Ally asked. I will be alright but he is really trying my nerves right now. Katsu replied.

Katsu is still fighting Honos and it is coming to the climax of the fight.

Katsu swung the chain around and it hit him the stomach. Honos flung into the in bushes and coughed up blood. Honos are you alright? Enyo asked. That man beat me fair and square. Honos replied. That boy uses one the ancient weapons of this land, don't you? Honos asked. Yeah I do but this is just one of the weapons I have, I don't wear all three weapons at once it would be overbearing. Katsu replied. Have you three weapons? Ally asked. Yes, I have three weapons, I just choose the one I am going to use every day. Katsu replied. You know you sound kind of carefree. Ally replied. You give off the " I'm elite and superior" kind of personality. Ally replied. l can be at times but that is a story for another time. Katsu replied. You think you can stand? Katsu asked. Kind of but I can manage. Ally replied. I told you I can walk on my own. Ally replied. Katsu put Ally on his back and walked off to HQ's Infirmary. Did they defeat Enyo and Honos all by themselves? Rinko asked. You are right we should stay a far distance from those two. Rinko replied. So he wasn't just a pretty face. Emi replied. As soon as Ally and Katsu reached HQ's Infirmary, they say Aoi watching over Kaoru. Wow, a man who got you? Aoi asked. Shut up, for your information, Those two were a pain my ass and hers. Katsu replied. I hope Tomoe and Rumiko are alright? Aoi asked. Why do you say that? Katsu asked. They are going up against one of the Children of Purgatory. Aoi replied. I have a feeling they are going up against the most dangerous ones of them Leviathan and Adelram.

Who are these people Aoi are talking about?

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Shinku mean crimson in Japanese.

The closest word in English to Shura is carnage.

Kusarigama is an old school weapon used in Heian Period in Japan. It is a sickle with a chain at the end of it.

Moros is one of Nyx children. He stands for doom and fate.

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