This story is about a girl... Katniss
She works at a bakery in Seoul. She is going to be the ''New Girl'' at a school.. This is where she meets Jungkook. ... Is this another love story or is this a story about fighting for their lives..?

Keep reading to find out...


2. The New Girl

Beautiful eyes... ''Hello...? Uhmm are you okay?'' The person asks. Katniss shakes her head ''I'm sorry, yeah I'm kinda lost. Do you know where classroom 225 is?'' ''Yeah I'm in that class, I can follow you there if you want to?'' his eyes are so beautiful. Its hard to look away, even for a few seconds.. ''Nice, that would be great. Thank you'' Katniss smiles to him. ''I'm Jungkook'' he smiles back. ''I'm Katniss'' ''Nice name, your not from Seuol?'' She nods ''No I'm from America, or my parents are. I got born here'' ''Sounds kinda cool'' he says. ''Your new at this school then?'' ''Yeah I am.'' ''Then I will be the first person to welcome you here, and nice to meet you... Oh here we are. This is classroom 225. Our teacher will come in 10 min, maybe you want to talk until then?'' he asks and give her a smile.. Damn even his smile is cute. Shut it Katniss.... ''Yeah I would like that'' she says and smiles back.

They talk. And he seems sweet. Katniss learned that he's a bit busy sometimes. Why? He wouldn't tell. She learned that he speaks fluent american, and is born in Busan. He asked why she came later to school, and she answered because of her work. He then found out that she works at the bakery Wings. And before they could talk more, the teacher came in the classroom.

''Hello students. Before we can go into the math books, We have a new person in class today. Katniss please stand up and tell us a little about your self'' Oh no.. She thinks. She stands up and as she predicted.. Everybody stared at her.. Her heart starts beating fast.. And she can't breath.. Then she looks at the only person she have meet here. He looks at her, and whispers ''breath in, slowly and breathe out slowly'' and she do what he said.

''Hello, I'm Katniss.. I'm 19 and I've moved here from Ulsan. I don't have that much to say but I'm looking forward to know this school without getting lost'' she laughs a little. ''And to know all of you'' She looks over at the teacher who says she can sit down now.  Thank god...

At lunchtime Jungkook and 6 other guys comes to her tabel in the cafeteria ''Hey Katniss, you did great in class'' Jungkook says and smiles to her. ''Thanks, but only because you helped me breath.'' ''I know but still. Oh and this is some of best friends. Can we sit here?'' ''Yeah you can and hello jungkooks friends'' They all says hello. ''Thanks and let me introduce you... Here we have Suga, V, RM, Jin, J-hope and Jimin, but its our stage name'' Jungkook says... She looks at him weird ''stage names?'' ''yeah sometimes we perform'' ''That sounds cool. What are you guys real names then?'' she didn't know if he wanted to tell. Like they have just meet a few hours ago. ''I can't tell in public, but maybe in a text, if I can get your number'' He smile is even bigger than the first one. Suddenly you can hear a ''OOOOOH'' in the back... ''Kookie is getting laid'' RM says and laughs. ''No Kookie is not getting laid. Kookie is getting a new friend. RM you are really a pervert'' Jungkook says. Katniss just laughs and give Jungkook a big smile ''sure you can have my number, you seem like nice guy'' she writes her number on a piece of paper. ''Here you go'' she gives him the paper, and he reach out for it, when their hands suddenly touch.. It was just a few seconds of touch. But it was enough to make Katniss wants more....

She looks at him and he looks at her. For a few seconds it was just the two of them... The moment breaks when a girl sits right next to Jungkook. ''Heeey Kookie, can I sit here next to you? To late, I already have'' Her voice is really annoying, and Katniss wonder who the hell she is... ''Hey I'm Katniss, and you are'' as sweet as she are, she reaches her hand after her, for a handshake... But did the girl see it... No. She stands up fast and gives Katniss a girly hug ''Heeey Katniss I'm Willow, Jungkooks girlfriend.'' Katniss freeze as she heard the word... Girlfriend... She looks at jungkook who looks at Willow with a big smile. Oh well, I'm not here looking for boys anyway, she thinks to herself and sits down after the hug...

At 2 the school is over. Katniss is on her way the the parking lot to wait for her mom. In the car her mom asks how her day was. Katniss only says it was fine, and no big deal.

When she comes home, she goes to her room and finds her dairy to write. 

-Dear dairy..

I'm 19 years and I still write dairy, is that weird? Or am I just overthinking it? Well.... Today I was the new girl.... Again like always. And the day was like I'm used to... People who stared, didn't say much, long day, bored to death almost... There was only one thing that haven't happened before. I met this guy.. Jungkook I think his name was. Seems nice. He talked to me and showed me his friends. And I mean.. His smile.. Just wow. And I met his girlfriend Willow. She also seems nice, but she really looked like a barbie. But who cares... Maybe she is more than looks.

I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow, only work because I like it... But who knows..? Maybe things will be different this time.

Talk to you soon. XOXO Katnip


A/N: Sorry boring chapter.

Some things just takes time.

But let me know what you think of this story so far :) And what about this willow girl? Will she be a bitch or may she surprise you?

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