Off Limits.

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He is her brothers best friend.
He changed her.
He made her into something she despised.
He got into her head.
It's all his fault and he loves it.


4. Four.

Okay so I apologise for the lack of updates but I’m a busy gal. I haven’t proof read any of it but here’s four, enjoy.



So a couple of weeks go by, I haven’t really done much.

All I can think about is him.

I feel so bad because of Connor but honestly I just can’t stop myself from thinking about him.

He is a mystery. 

His hair.

His eyes.

His dimples.

His lips.

His torso.

I should stop. I can’t. I haven’t seen nor heard from him since that night.

He’s probably forgotten about me...

I have another funeral tomorrow, my great uncles. I don’t know if I’ll see him there but I sure hope I do, I shouldn’t... But I do. 

My grandmothers brothers funeral. It’s so sad because he died only a couple days after her funeral... At least they can be together.


I go out to the pub to meet my brother, I dress a little nicer in case Harry is there.

I feel almost excited to go to the pub. 

I enter the pub and head over to where my brother is. No harry in sight to my stupid disappointment.


I’m wearing my glasses today because I’m saving my contact lenses for tomorrow and I don’t have any others so I had to make up my appearance but I honestly wish I hadn’t if I knew Harry wasn’t going to be here.


“Alright?” Jack asks taking me out of my daze.


“Yeah, you here alone?” I ask looking around the room to see if any of his friends are even here.


“No H is in the toilet.” He says tapping his nose.


“Oh right, okay.” I say I feel myself bubble up a little.


“I’m going to the bar, do you want a drink?” Jack asks. 


“Vodka coke.” I say sitting down.


“Did I hear you wanted coke?” The familiar deep voice asks from behind me.


“No!” I shout trying to take the joke but honestly it’s just too close for comfort.


Jack walks off to the bar leaving me with his extremely attractive friend.


“Harry you can’t do that!” I say hitting his arm.


“What? It’s not like jack knows.” He shrugs.


“That’s not the point Harry.” I say shaking my head.


“Alright sorry Lil.” He says rolling his eyes.


Jack quickly returns with drinks, I take a massive swig of it trying to cope with Harry’s jokes.


“So do you want me to get some in for tomorrow?” Jack asks looking at harry.


“Erm are you sure you want to discuss this in front of your little sister?” Harry asks looking over at me. I feel a little intimidated because they’re both sat on one side of the table and I’m sat at the other, like an interrogation.


“She knows all about it, she just doesn’t do any of that.” Jack replies.


Harry smirks lightly tapping my leg under the table with his foot. I glare at him before taking another sip of my drink.


“Oh right fair enough.” He replies sipping his drink.


“Yeah sure, you should ask my dad if he’s wanting some too.” Harry replies.


“What? Your dad?” I ask in shock.


“Yeah his dad is a hero, imagine our dad doing drugs with us.” Jack says laughing.


“Well that would never happen because neither me or him do drugs.” I say. I feel like I’m a good liar. Well I have to be thanks to Harry.


“Okay H well I’m going to go and call him now and I’ll go pick up from him, I’ll be back in about half an hour.” Jack says getting up. Leaving me with Harry.


“Are you addicted or something? Do you need help?” I ask concerned.


“No no, not addicted I just like it to give me a little buzz sometimes.” He replies.


“Oh. Okay.” I simply reply.


“Love the glasses by the way.” He jokes. 


Fucks sake. He probably thinks I look ugly. Not that I should care but I know I do.


“Shut up. Do you have some on you now?” I ask leaning forward.


“Yeah why, do you want some?” He asks winking.


“No. That was a one time thing.” I insist.


“Nothings a one time thing Lily.” He replies. I love it when he says my name. It just rolls off his tongue.


“Well that was.” I say folding my arms.


“Meet me around the back in two minutes.” Harry says getting up. 


Oh my. I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. I want to so bad but I need some self control. I don’t know if it’s because he’s older and it intrigues me or what. 


Before I even consider my actions I find myself already walking out the door and going around the back. 


It’s dark but I can still see Harry’s white t-shirt from a distance.


“Knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.” He says smirking. Damn Harry stop.


“Shut up.” I say looking around.


“Here.” He says getting some powder out of his bag. 


I grab his wrist and direct the key to my nose. I sniff it up. 


“You feel good when you do it don’t you? You feel rebellious.” He whispers into my ear. I take a couple steps back.


“Harry stop.” 


“Stop what?”


“You know.” I say backing up to the wall.


“I’m not doing anything Lily.” He replies walking towards me.


“You are trouble. Getting me into trouble.” I say looking up at him.


“I know.” He replies chuckling.


“Come here.” He says pulling me into him.


He lifts my head up and it makes my breathing hitch. His face so close to mine. I close my eyes. 


He puts something over my nose wiping it.


“See, I look after you.” He replies patting my head.


“Whatever I’m going in it’s freezing.” I say.



That got so heated. I thought he was going to kiss me. I thought he was going to kiss me and I was going to let him. I have a boyfriend. Connor. No I can’t do this. I really want to. I can’t. Connor does this to me though... I can’t. No. I’m not a bad person. 


I enter the pub again and feel that hyper excitement come back to me. Harry comes in straight after and sits down as if nothing happened.


“Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret.” He says leaning back and putting his arms over the chair next to him. 


“That was the last time Harry.” I say demanding.


“No it wasn’t. Lily.” He says with an evil grin on his face.


Jack comes back in, his face all red from the cold air.


“Harry meet me in the toilet in two minutes.” Jack says going straight passed us into the toilet.


“Harry. Please don’t tell Jack. I feel so bad for lying already.” I say picking at my nails and biting my lip.


“Don’t worry love, it’s between you and me.” Harry says getting far too close to my face.


“You should probably get that.” He says getting up from the table.


I look down not even realising my phone had been ringing.


It’s Connor.


L: hey Connor, are you alright? 


C: yeah I was just wondering if you wanted picking up from the pub, I’m around the corner I was at my friends house.


L: yeah sure, how long are you gonna be?


C: about five minutes.


L: okay text me when you’re outside.



I finish my drink and put my jacket on. 


Harry and my brother come almost skipping out of the toilet together.


“Hey you two look happy?” I say smiling.


“Yeah why do you think?” Jack sarcastically replies.


“Oh yeah sorry I forgot.” I say embarrassed.


“Hey I’ve gotta go, Connors coming to get me.” I say awkwardly scratching my face.


“Oh okay, that was a short visit.” Jack says frowning slightly.


“Yeah well he’s around the corner so I thought I should just get a lift with him.” I say getting up. 


My phone vibrates and already I know it’s Connor waiting outside. 


“Well I’ve got to go so I’ll see you tomorrow Jack, can you ring me when you’re leaving to pick me up?” I ask.


“Yeah course.” He replies sitting down.


“I’m going for a cigarette Jack I’ll be back in a minute.” Harry says following me.


“Harry what are you doing?” I ask a little angered. 


“Walking you out to Colin’s car.” He replies purposefully getting Connors name wrong.


“It’s Connor.” 


“I don’t care.” He replies opening the door for me.


“Whatever, bye.” I say getting into Connors car.


“Hey!” I say doing my seat belt.


“Oh hey, one second.” Connor says whilst rolling up two cigarettes.


“No problem.” I reply. I can see Harry staring straight at me.


I glare at him to look away but he just keeps staring. 


“Here you go.” Connor says handing me the cigarette.


I light it up and roll down the window. Connor starts reversing out of the parking space and Harry waves at me whilst smirking. He knows exactly what’s going on and he doesn’t care to stop it. He can read me like a book. It scares me. He intrigues me.


Connors phone goes off and he instantly flips it over.

It hurts me so much. We’ve been together for nearly two years and all he does is cheat and lie. He was my first boyfriend, my first... He is my first love and I feel like he’s only with me to make himself look good. He works ‘late’ constantly and he literally puts his phone inside the pillow case when he sleeps over just so I don’t see anything but I already have. I got suspicious and went through his phone and saw it all. I’m just too much of a mug to do anything about it. I’m stuck in a dead end relationship.



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