She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


9. Weirder than weird

Above him Hovered and female something not human thankfully,I would hope so. She had Scarlet hair and caramel eyes.  I Know what weird was. I have seen a boy talk to a stain on his shirt. (At that point i was scared that he was mental) I have also seen a baby cut it's own umbilical cord  .(Long story) but this wasn't weird it was weirder then Weird.  Rebecca at this point wanted to act shy and hid behind me. "Your a fairy?' i asked." Elf." she corrected. i shrugged and turned back to the computer,typing in Marcie's password."Mud girl_ I heard you not very nice to my friends." She said since i was only half listening i tended to say " Yes Or Yes just be back by dinner and don't get killed."  "Yes. oh wait no i'm not nice in general its genetic "I said focus on the computer. "Whats your name." "Yes." I answered. staring at the screen. The elf tapped my shoulder. "What ?" I asked annoyed. "Your name." She asked again." Which one i got tons?'' I said obnoxiously." Her name is Ally" Rebecca interrupted."Actually It's Allison only my friends call me Ally" I corrected.  "Ally  Don't be mean."Rebecca said. "Bex i going to need you to  shut up for a minute." I answered she pouted the sat on the couch crossing her arms. I heard a chuckle and i went back to the computer.Marcie going to kill me."I muttered."Allison, Do you who your looking for?" Artemis asked."Yup,I'm going to."I said calmly which a flicker of horrified flashed in both Artemis and Holly's eyes. they looked at each other then back at me."Your scary for a--" Artemis started." For a what?" I demanded. "Yeah what were you going to say Arty?" Holly asked." I'm am a girl you moron." I hissed. "Uploaded Finish Password Granted" The fist thing that popped up was the Spy control book."A  spy Must always be smart." I turned to Rebecca who had tangled  her self in a electric cord." Rebecca the first thing in the book a spy must be smart! "I exclaimed she actually growled at me.

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