THIS IS REAL!!!! Jed was a friend of mine who left a note at 6 in the morning on January 22 that said he was going to commit suicide. He is missing right now. His information will be put in this movella.


2. More Information

Jed took a hand gun so he is armed.


Jed is 5' 10" and was about 140 pounds.

16 years old

Brown Eyes

Red/ Brown hair



​Please help me find my friend. He has been missing for over a month now. If you see him or his vehicle please contact me through this movella. Thank you sooooo much for those that are going to take the time to observe traffic and look for him. If you want to learn more about him, look up Jed Hall Idaho Falls. I can also answer any questions you may have. Again, this is real. He was my friend and I want him home and safe with his parents.

-Rouge Wolf

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