Survival Island

What could be worse than being trapped on an island when your cruise takes an unknown and dangerous turn? Of course, being trapped on said island with the one person you can't stand. Or can you?
This story switches between characters POV (Point Of View) throughout the story. The switches are between the two main characters and is about my OTP again, deal with it.


4. Fast Actions Are Necessary

As the sun rose over the palm trees, sending warm, bright rays of sunshine onto the soft, green grass, Travis rolled over to avoid having to wake from his slumber. Once he couldn't ignore the sunshine any longer, he rubbed his eyes before opening them. He could hear the waves of the ocean crashing onto the sandy beach in the near distance, and in the trees above him, he could hear tropical birds chirping. He slowly lifted himself to stand, looking around. Suddenly, he remembered the troubles of the night before he and Katelyn had faced. He whipped around, wide eyed, searching for her. As soon as he set his sights on the peaceful girl's body, her back facing him as she laid on her side, his racing heart slowed and his posture sank as his muscles untensed. He took a deep breath and looked around them. He didn't know what to do, until his body sent him a sign. His stomach growled loudly, which made sense. Neither of them had eaten since their time on the island. Travis decided that going on a quick search for food wouldn't hurt. He glanced back at Katelyn, checking on her quickly. She was still sleeping peacefully, her chest raising and lowering as she breathed, her hair sprawled out on the grass around her head. Travis smiled slightly, seeing her so content. Then, he turned back to the woods and began trekking through it, searching for any source of food.

A few hours later, Travis had located a small area near the beach that had bushed, growing raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. He had picked as much as he could carry after making a basket of sorts out of large palm leaves. He was heading back to the area he and Katelyn had slept at, but before he reached it, he suddenly got a sinking feeling in his stomach, as if he knew something was wrong. He ignored it, telling himself "what could possible be wrong?" until he got his answer as he stepped into the flowery meadow.

Katelyn was gone.

His heart began to race as he looked around. He knew she hadn't left on her own, as there was fresh mud tracks leading into and out of the circle. Many, many tracks. Flowers had been trampled, leaves from the trees above had been sliced. 

Travis set down the handmade basket, his heart pounding in his throat as he scanned the area. "Katelyn?!" he called out anxiously, desperation clinging to his voice as he stood once again, searching around for her. He walked towards the mud tracks and ran after them, seeing that they lead into the woods. He didn't care that low-hanging branches were scratching his head and arms, or that low-growing brambles were piercing his ankles and legs. His only concern at the moment was her. 

After following the tracks persistently, he found his answer as to where Katelyn had gone. The smell of smoke from fires was coming from in front of the mountain, with a strange chanting coming from the same source. He instantly began charging towards the source, ignoring all other things around him. The trees stopped, exposing bright, warm sunlight, and the bushes on the ground with the tall grass and flowers slowly receded, until all that was left was bare dirt grounds. The chanting was louder and the smell of smoke was stronger now.

Travis climbed on top of some jagged rocks, having a clear view. There was a large bonfire, surrounded by several people, chanting. Their skin was dark and they had white markings over them. A bit away from the fire was a crowd of people fighting to get to the middle, as something was in there. Travis peered into the crowd and caught a glimpse of light blue hair. His heart skipped a few beats as he realized that it was Katelyn they were surrounding. The crowd dispersed from around her and he saw she had been tied up with ropes, with a few cuts over her arms and forehead. She had a white streak over her wrists and her clothes were ripped in several places. The chanting grew louder as the people picked her up and carried her to the fire.

Katelyn was conscious, and not happy. She was clearly annoyed, and struggling against the ropes. The more she struggled, the tighter they held her, until she couldn't move at all. 

Travis knew he had to think fast, as her life was in his hands. He looked around him desperately, looking for any way to save her. Suddenly, he felt a tickling on his ankle. He looked down and saw a rather large and hairy spider, about the size of his hand. Specifically, it was a Goliath bird-eating spider. Travis's first instinct was to kick it away, but as he looked around the base of the rock, his eyes grew wide, seeing there was many more spiders. He got an idea, but it had to work, as it was the only one he had.

Picking up the large arachnids, he began tossing them in the direction of the tribe, who was fanning the fire to make it larger. The spiders he tossed began making their way towards the people, making a threatening, hissing sound. The people saw the spiders and began kicking them away, dropping their focus from Katelyn, who was utterly confused, as she could not see the spiders. Travis threw every spider he saw, eventually causing such a commotion within the tribe, they dropped Katelyn onto the ground to try and rid the spiders of the area. As they were distracted, Travis snuck around the outsides of the camp, over to where Katelyn was. He silently put a hand over her mouth, to keep her silent, and began untying the ropes. She was startled at first, but began to relax after realizing it was him. 

The spiders began biting and attacking the tribe, who began to become more violent with their attacks, stomping and pounding the arachnids. Travis knew the spiders wouldn't win, so he had to be fast. He couldn't untie the ropes fast enough, so he picked her up and began to run back into the forest. Katelyn held onto him the best she could, looking over his shoulder to make sure they wouldn't be followed. 

"You okay?" Travis asked her as he ran under low-hanging vines and branches and jumped over bushes and brambles. He felt Katelyn nod as she didn't look away from behind them. The smell of smoke was becoming weaker as they ran further from the tribe. Travis didn't stop running until they could no longer hear the cries of the people or smell the smoke of the fire. 

Setting her down on a fallen tree, Travis sat next to her, breathing heavily. His chest heaved greatly as he tilted his head back against another tree, glancing at Katelyn out of the corner of his eye so she doesn't leave his sight. She leans forward and puts her elbows onto her knees, holding her face in her hands. He can hear her faintly sigh, then sit upright again and exhale slowly.

"You okay?" she asks him softly, putting a hand on his shoulder gently. He turns his head and looks at her in the eye, calming down the instant his eyes lock into her icy blue eyes. He nods slowly, catching his breath, and stands up again, scanning the area around them. The trees are silent, with only the faint chirping of birds audible from the high treetops. 

"I found us some berries, that's why I left..." he explains as he lifts her up by taking her hand. He then runs off into the forest, recognizing the path he ran to find her originally while leading her by the hand.

Soon, they enter the small meadow of familiar flowers. Travis kneels over the makeshift basket he crafted with leaves and shows her the berries he picked for them. Katelyn sits across from him cross legged, and the both of them begin to devour the berries, the small pile quickly vanishing. They lay down next to each other, their previously empty stomachs now full pleasantly. The noonday sun is shining high above them, sending warm light down over their bodies, relaxing their tensed muscles and comforting their overburdened minds. 

They both knew one thing about this island-neither of them belonged there, and they had to leave as soon as possible. But how?

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