The diary of a long lost Winchester. Also known as my diary. (please tell me what you think I should put in the next diary entry and how many years or months since the last entry. Thanks!)


10. January 21st, 2005

I can't believe it! I thought I had lost this stupid diary! I stoped writing because I was busy going on hunts and helping Bobby with the salvage yard. Six years! That's a long time. Bobby got a call this morn'n. It was Sam. Sam's gotta be a least 22 by now and that would make Dean, what?, 26 years old. Yeah that's right. Dean is 26, Sam is 22,and I'm 21. Bobby said that the boys would be 'ere soon. They're about 20 minutes out. God damn, I'm crying. I guess I'm happy to see my brothers finally after so long. Well shit, it's been 6 years. Appearntly, John went missing during a hunt with Dean from what Bobby told me. Well, I hear Baby (that's Dean's '67 Chevy Impala.) Gotta go.

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