pretty little liars

The girls meet in preschool will they be friends all they life.


3. The night of the sleepover.

Aria pov: 

what game do you girls what to play?"I what to play truth or dare"all the girls.​     Truth or dare Alison "I pick dare Aria"said Alison  OK Alison I dare to make fake blood and go up to my mom bathroom and put the blood every way."OK Aria it is mean but I will do it Ok."Alison said. Ok Alison it's your turn.  

Alison pov: 

I made the fake blood and than when up to Aria's mom bathroom and put it all over.I went downstairs and told Aria I did the dare. Truth or dare Heather? " I pick truth Alison what the truth Alison" said Heather.  Have you ever kissed a boy? "No i have not because we are in preschool."said Heather.  It's your turn Heather. 

Heather pov:

Truth or Dare Aria?  "I choose dare" I dare you Aria to eat all the cookies you have And when you get back it your turn OK Aria 

Aria pov:

I walked into the kitchen and I opened the cabinet that we had the cookies in and went to the living room and ate all the cookies we had in front of the girls. 

Truth or Dare Emily? "I choose dare Aria what do you what me to do."  

I dare you to drink all of our milk we have and tell my mom in the morning we ran out of milk. It your turn Emily when you get back Emily.

Emily pov

I walk into the kitchen open the icebox and I drink all the milk. 

"Way to go Emily, you drank all our milk"   Said Aria. You dare me to Aria. "It's ok if you did"  said Aria.  Truth or dare Spencer. "Dare "  said Spencer.  "What we do   in this room stay in the room."Aria said  "OK"said the girl.   


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