Tigers At Bay

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2018
  • Status: Complete
Tigris was named after the river. He was named Tigris because he was swift and agile. One day, the clan got ruled by another clan, The Jagua. The Jagua were jaguars that were ruthless and powerful. Will Tigris find a way to get their land back?


3. Through The Iron Door

     I gnawed through the food and then I heard a yowl and a screech. I realized it was the jaguar from before. I wanted to check out what happened. I pawed the iron door twice and a guard appeared, looking through a slat at the iron door. 

     The guard asked menacingly, "What do you want?"

     I was going to answer but King Saber came and answered instead, "He probably wants to see what the jaguar is up to. Let him in. He will investigate the jaguar."

     I heard a CLUNK! of twelve locks unlocking. Then the door swung open and I went in. Before I followed the guard and King Saber, I looked out of the slat and saw Claudia snoozing. I saw she was okay so I followed the guard out to the dungeon. I looked around as I padded through the hallway. The hallway was long. Longer than I might have visualized it. King Saber led the way to the dungeon. I never knew you could put a flight of stairs in a cave but he did anyway. King Saber then pressed a button on the wall and the door to the staircase led down to a chamber. King Saber told his soldiers to stand guard out here and he led me down to the dungeon gates.

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