Haru/My Rare Treasure

Read about Haru and her struggle of being known as Gabriel Higashiyama (Natasha's Son) daughter. She wants to make her own legacy. She has her friends to help her every step of the way.


28. Book Two: Chapter 10: Some of the truth is coming

Last time, Yumi and her twin sister Rina join Haru and Ichiko's class. As the Student Council President, Haru Higashiyama.
spoke. Aoi spoke his name and Yumi became suspicious of him.
When classes resumed Aoi stood close out Yumi's way. I walked up and spoke to Aoi. I am sorry for Yumi, she can have a tendency of speaking her mind. I replied. Remind me not to make her angry, I really don't want to feel her wrath. Aoi replied. We see you later. Aoi replied. Yumi called Aoi over as I walked to class. Now you are going to tell me where you got those glasses from. Yumi asked. They were given to me as a kid. Aoi replied. That witch of the Ono gave it to you? Yumi asked. Don't you dare talk about Izanami like that? Aoi replied. Everyone was shocked at seeing Aoi angry for the first time. I'm shivering in my shoes. Yumi replied. I know you want to hit me right, after all, I bet with one punch force behind it you could break the bones and more. Yumi replied. Ichiko walked over, why are you pestering him? Ichiko asked. Well, at least I can tell one thing. He has no loyalty from his voice or to anyone in general. He is enraged, I never saw him like that before. Ichiko replied.
After school, I saw Aoi walked to the car. Aoi are you ok? Izanami asked. My lady, you should be careful I sense that monster, damn snow fox, and Kaze no Megami. Ari replied. Hey let's go to Megumi's Dojo, I think she and a few others will be happy to see you. I replied.
When the girls arrived at Megumi's Dojo, she was so happy to see Yumi. Is this Yumi you spoke of? Natsumi asked. I am Yumiko Yukimoto. You can call my Yumi for short. Yumi replied. Well, I see you guys are going against the retainers. Yumi replied. You have faced one of them. The one named Salem Kobayashi, he is out for blood. I can handle him. The only problem we will have is Astrid. Yumi replied. What do you mean? I asked. She is the sin of Acedia. Yumi replied. Oh hell, we have a problem. Megumi replied. Acedia is the sin of sloth but she is a different case. Astrid might be lazy as hell but powerful enough to cause a little more havoc on the level of Min-Ji. Yumi replied. So I think the best person to fight her is you, Ichiko. Yumi replied. Why am I fighting her? Ichiko asked. Well, your sin is Acedia too. Yumi replied. Wait you are Acedia? Natsumi asked. Yeah well, my sin is Gluttony, Gula. Yumi replied. I'm the sin of Wrath, Ira. I replied. Yes, my sin is Acedia. Ichiko replied. We want to distract those five for Haru to take that guy Sayuri on. Yumi replied. Wait I thought him and his friends went M.I.A. Natsumi replied. Well no they were not useful to her anymore. Yumi replied. After all, Sayuri isn't really apart of her elite flower group. Yumi replied. Wait are you saying he is originally a part of their squad? I asked.
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