Power pals 3 - To be a ninja

An old man, who claims he's a sensi, asks Hope, Kelly and Dawn if they wanna be ninjas to help save the world.


4. The plans

Hope headed to maths where she waited 30 seconds until the teacher said,  'come in.' 

Quickly Hope poured some forgetting dust on her hand, held the maths door open and blew the forgetting dust at everyone while they came in. Once everyone was in, Hope sat at her desk,  thinking of a way to get her teacher. While the register was being read out loud, Hope put the forgetting dust in her pocket. 

'I'm sorry I'm late sir,'  Noah said,  rushing in the classroom. 

Hope put her head in her hands. 


Dawn and Kelly were in cooking class. The teacher took a quick register and the teacher show everyone how to make the cupcakes that they were making. 

'Everyone, wash your hands and we'll start making our cupcakes.'

While everyone was washing their hands Dawn and Kelly split up and sprinkled forgetting dust on the teacher's example which everyone will eat. 

'We're done, ' Kelly said. 

'I'll,  text Hope,' Dawn said. Kelly nodded and they joined the queue for washing their hands. 


Hope felt a buzz on her bobble. She pressed the top button and a hologram text appeared. It said:-

' Dawn: Kelly and I are finished,  what about you?'

Hope looked up slightly to see her teacher say 'can anyone show us how to do this equation.'  Hope quickly send Dawn a message saying 'Work in progress,' and put her hand up. 

'Hope, please show us how to do it,' Her teacher, Mr Day, said.

Hope sprinkled some forgetting dust on her hand. On her way to the front,  she went a long way to sprinkle a bit of forgetting dust on Noah. She thought getting her teacher would be hard but she thought of a plan. She worked out the equation, went up to her teacher, who was still sitting down watching what she was doing, and she lifted her right arm over his head sprinkling the dust on him to point at her workings. While she asked,  'is that right?'

'Yep, that's perfect,  well done, Hope,' Mr Day said, ' you may sit down.' Hope sat down feeling happy. 

The rest of the lesson she was working out her maths while thinking,  what would it be like being with Sensei Kay, Swift and John but she'd also have her friends,  Dawn and Kelly there with her.


On Thursday, Hope, Dawn and Kelly went to Kay's house. 

'We've... spayed forgetting dust on... everyone,' Hope said between deep breaths. 

'You're tired and you've just come here?' Sensei Kay asked.

'Yes... I was riding my bike... I'm bad with sp... sports.'

'Well I have a surprise for you three,' Sensei said.

'Surprise?' Dawn asked. 

'I'm ready, ' Kelly said.

'I'm excited but where's John and, Swift is it?' 

Sensei Kay smiled, told Hope that they were inside and walked through his verdant garden. 

Sensei opened the front door and Hope, Dawn and Kelly opened their mouths in surprise and happiness. In front of them where three pedestals one with each of their names on. On each pedestal was an armour stand and a different outfit.

The one with Hope's name on it was a blackish outfit on fire but the fire didn't spread and it didn't hurt when someone touched it. The red flames flickered.

The one with Kelly's name on it was a grey outfit, looking like armour. But it said on a piece of paper on the top of her name but under the armour stand, 'Unbreakable armour.'

The one with Dawn's name on it was a blueish outfit which looked like the outfit was ice. It's cold when you touch it but it's warm when you wear it.

On each pedestal was a small red box with a button.  When you press the button whatevers in front of it goes inside it. If they were at school their outfits would be in it, if they were wearing their outfits,  their school stuff (you what ever they were holding) would be in the box. 

Hope looked around the room, grabbed a chair and saying 'is this suite of armour really unbreakable,' while walking to it, holding the chair in both hands like she was about to hit something.

'NO,' Dawn said holding the chair, making it so Hope couldn't get near the suite of armour.

Hope put the chair back and smiled.

They were all excited for the adventures to come.

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