Power pals 3 - To be a ninja

An old man, who claims he's a sensi, asks Hope, Kelly and Dawn if they wanna be ninjas to help save the world.


1. Sensei Kay

'I would like to train you three as secret ninjas. what do you say?' The old man asked. 

'Sounds cool but how do we know you're not lying?' Hope said.

'Yeah, show us some proof,' Kelly said. 

The old man took out a card from his pocket,  it was an ID card,  in the name section it said,  Sensei Kay. Kay passed out three business cards to all three of them. 

I'll meet you after school tomorrow and you can tell me if you're in our out.' Sensei Kay said. Then he disappeared and by that he didn't just run away of he literally disappearedinto thin air. 

'How cool would it be if we were super heros,' Hope said. 

'That would be awesome, I'd love to be one but what if this guy's lying,' Kelly said. 

'Yeah water isn't really the escaping power. Okay so,  your fire is a killing and destroying power,  your repairing power is a fixing power and my powers just good for stopping fire and getting a nice drink,' Dawn said, as she pointed at each person when she mention their powers.

'I've got a plan,  I'm going to tell my mum I'm hanging out with you two till late,  I'll be aloud because my sister always goes to her friends house so I'll be aloud to stay and I'll bring my phone and call them if I need them plus I've already escaped prison, I can probably escape an old man. Anyway see you tomorrow, ' Hope said when they got to a corner where Hope turns left and Kelly and Dawn turn right.

The next day

On this day Hope did exactly what she said she'll do,  her parents think she's staying with her friends and she took her phone with her incase she got into any trouble but she was so excited. Finally,  at the end of the day Hope, Dawn and Kelly, saw the old man and walked to the corner of the street where,  standing right in front of them,  staring at them with his two beautiful multi-coloured eyes was an amazing sight. Infront of them was a beautiful white dragon.  On Hope, Dawn and Kelly's face was shock and happiness,  this was the first time they have seen a dragon. 

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