Power pals 3 - To be a ninja

An old man, who claims he's a sensi, asks Hope, Kelly and Dawn if they wanna be ninjas to help save the world.


2. Gravity and speed

'Isn't he a beauty,' Sensei Kay said.

'He's magnificent, a true angel,' Hope said, staring into the dragon amazingly beautiful eyes. 

'So what's his name?' Dawn asked. 

'He's called Citta,' Sensei Kay said, stroking the bottom Citta's neck after Citta bent her head down. 

'Citta?' Hope said, 'Nice name.'

'Yeah it means though, each master of a power has their own dragon to do with their power and most people name their dragon after something to do with their power,' Kay said,  'any way we are going to my training house on Citta so we can learn how to treat a dragon. First, you go on it gently letting him or her know your there,  then you just fly her which I'll show you later.'

Gently, everyone went on Citta, sat down carefully and waited. 

After a few seconds,  Kay got Citta flying and soon Hope, Dawn and Kelly were in the sky flying through clouds. It felt amazing to be in the air, on Hope, Dawn and Kelly's face was fear and excitement. 

It felt so relaxing having the air flow into your face and it felt crazy and scary to look down. 

After a few minutes, Citta landed right next to a white house with what looked like three levels with a red roof. 

'In here, I have the start of a team but I was hoping that you three would make it a complete team. So,  so far we have the master of speed and the master of gravity.' 

In front of Hope,  Dawn and Kelly were two brunette boys. One had messy hair,  with a white outfit with one red light, which quickly circles all the way around his outfit but the light looked like it was on the inside because the outfit had no parts poking out for the light. 

The other one had straight hair to the bottom of his ear, with a grey outfit which had lights like the other boy's but on this one, there quite a few lights going up and down at different rates. 

'Hi my name is Swift,' the boy with the white outfit said,  he sped off into a white flash line and came back two seconds later.

'Here are some flowers,' he gave Dawn some multi-coloured roses, ' here are some chocolates,' he gave Kelly a packet of chocolates in a heart box, 'here's some sweets,' he gave Hope one big packet of mixed sweets. 'Sorry I ran out of nice romantic stuff.'

'And my name is John, I'm the master of gravity,' the boy in the grey uniform said, smiling. 

'So do you guys feel like joining?' Sensei Kay said,  turning to the girls. 

'Of course,  I'd love to,' Hope said,  waving her fists with excitement. 

'That sounds cool,' Kelly said. 

'Okay let's do a bit of training,' Sensei Kay said.

The first thing they did was to see how well the girls were at boxing. All of the girls had boxing gloves on and all the boys wore boxing pads. Hope was with John,  Kelly was with Swift and Dawn was with Kay. All the girls tried an upper-cut, jab, cross, haymaker and a sit up with a punch when they were finished all of the girls were tired.

'Now you guys are definitely ninjas now, here's a present, ' Sensei said passing them all what looked like one hair bobble each. 

'All you need to do is press this, well-hidden button, say the name of the person you want to talk to and say your message.'

All the girls put the bobble on their wrists.

'You can go home if you want or you can stay for a bit longer,  it's up to you but if we ever need you to help us defeat someone than I will say on your message what your mission is. Only you will hear it.'

'Oh, one more thing no one can know you are these superheroes so you need to wipe everyone you know's mind. Just blow this dust on them and it's programmed to make them forget all of your powers, ' Sensei Kay said.

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