Power pals 3 - To be a ninja

An old man, who claims he's a sensi, asks Hope, Kelly and Dawn if they wanna be ninjas to help save the world.


3. Forgetting dust

'Once you blow this forgetting dust on someone you have 24 hours until they will never remember, what you wanted them to forget. If you change your mind or something, all you need to do is make a potion, it's in chapter 5 of the book called 'the wonders of potions.''

'I need to be going home now,' Dawn said, taking a small,  see-through box of pink dust from the grey tray it stood on and leaving.

'Me too,' said Kelly taking another box which looked the exact same as the one Dawn took. 

'Thanks,  I'll come back next time,' Hope said, taking a box, which looked like the other two, and leaving.

On the way home all of them felt a buzz on their wrists,  the one they put their bobbles on, they all pressed the only button and a holagram appeared but only the person wearing the bobble can see it,  as well as hearing the sounds coming from it.  They all saw that they had one message from their Sensei saying trainings on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekends, Saturday 7:00 to Sunday 9:30 in the morning and on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00 to 9:30. In the afternoon. 

They all went home and met at school the next day. 

'okay,  I'll do everyone in all of my classes and all my teachers, you do everyone in your classes,  students and teachers,  okay?' Hope said.

Dawn and Kelly agreed. 

Hope looked at her watch and said,  'we have 5 minutes,  let's get to class,  you guys have your forgetting dust right?'

'right,' the other two said. 

They all walked to their next classes with their forgetting dust with them. 

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