Grand First Date

~featuring @Chloe McCormick
Hoseok is a prince. Everybody knows that. ~The great prince of Xuma. Everybody bows down before him when he leaves the castle and goes into the city to grab some groceries. All you would hear is people screaming: "OMG! It's Prince Hoseok! HURRY, HURRY! TAKE A PICTURE!"
And you would think that living this type of life is fun, enthusiastic... but it's not. Well, at least not for Hoseok. He's sick and tired of people always noticing him. All the cameras flashing at him, people demanding that he take a picture with him.
It all comes to the day when Hoseok sneaks out of the castle, in disguise of course. Having lost his way, he bumps into a VERY pissed off college student. Not used to being disrespected to, Hoseok's interest in this women grows stronger. How long will Hoseok keep on his disguise? What will this mystery women do when she finds out that the one person she bumped into, turned out to be Xuma's prince?


1. sick of it

~Prince Hoseok~

    Going to meetings. That's all I've been doing today. Meetings with numerous people. I rolled my head clockwords and cracked my knuckles. My eyes felt droopy, but I had to "keep my composure to please the people." I was about to rest my head on my arm when my assistant/best friend, Jin, loudly knocked on the door. 

     "Your highness, the journalists from Big Time News are here. Should I let them in?" he yelled. I sighed and didn't say anything for a minute. 

     "Not now! I'm going on a break. Tell them to come another time," I replied. I heard Jin shouting at all the crazy fangirls to "go away." I sighed and closed my eyes when suddenly the door burst open. Jin ran into the room, slammed the door shut, and slid to the floor, panting. I looked at him with wide eyes. Once Jin calmed down, he shot up and smoothed out the wrinkles in his clothes. He cleared his throat and then looked at me with a serious face.

     "You were talking about taking a break, your highness." Jin said and walked over to me. He set a stack of papers on my desk and sighed. I smirked, but not being able to keep it in, started laughing. 

      "That was not funny. We really need to enforce a law to keep these so called, "fangirls," in check." Jin stated. I nodded my head but didn't stop laughing. Jin shook his head and turned his back to me. I took a deep breath, stood up, and walked up to Jin and stared at him. 

      "Thank you, Jin. Really. I don't believe anyone could've done a better job being as patient as you are. I knew you would be the best man to do this job." I whispered to him. Jin looked to the ground and smiled.

     "Thank you, your highness." he said. 

     "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Hoseok. We're best friends. And do I go around calling you 'Assistant' Jin?" I reminded him. 

     "I'm sorry your high- Hoseok." Jin replied. I flung my arm over Jin's shoulder and we left my office room. 


     Ever since I got slapped on the face by a fan apparently for 'attention', the King, my father, ordered that a secret passage be built for me to leave the room. And I must say, it has been very effective. I've been easily coming and going from that hall. 

     "You must be very tired from all those meetings today, aren't you?" Jin asked. I nodded my head and rested it on my arms. I could've gone to sleep if it weren't for the sun in my eye. I heard shuffling from in front of me, but I didn't look up. Instead, the light from the sun suddenly vanished. I opened my eyes to see Jin standing in front of me to block out the sun. 

     "I don't mind standing here. Please, get some rest. You have a long day ahead of you. I'll wake you up if I have to." Jin said. I stared at him before smiling. 

     "That won't be necessary. A cup of coffee will definitely wake me up." I said. Jin bowed slightly before walking into the coffee shop we were at. I didn't know what was taking Jin so long, but before he came out, I heard a loud screech behind me.

     "OH MY GOD! IS THAT... IS THAT... PRINCE HOSEOK!?" a high pitched voice yelled. I looked back to see a bunch of girls surrounding me. I jumped out of my chair and stared at all of them in horror. 

     "GET HIM!" one of them yelled. Before I could move, the crowd of girls started coming towards me. I blinked a few times before running for my life. 

     "HELP ME!" I yelled. I turned a few corners, crashed into some carts, and knocked over a few empty boxes. When I turned the last corner, I moved into an alleyway. All the girls ran past me. I sighed and tried to catch my breath.

     "AHH! I am so tired of this! This is the fifth time this week! UGH!" I yelled to myself. Which was a bad thing to do. I immediately regretted yelling.

     "This way! Turn the corner! There!" I heard. I rolled my eyes and started running once more. I felt relief once I saw Jin walking around with a few guards. Once I was in eye range, Jin noticed me and sighed.

      "Your highness!" he said when I fell into his arms. I was out of breath to even stay standing. Jin was about to say something else but saw the crowd of girls running our way. He shook his head and picked me up. I rested my head on his shoulder and let him take me away. 


     "Are you okay, Hoseok?" Jin asked me once I had opened my eyes. I nodded my head. 

     "I'm tired of this. If there was a way to pass on the crown... so that I wouldn't be the next king. So that I wasn't the Prince." I said. Jin stayed silent. I could tell that there was something on his mind.

     "And thank you this morning." I said. 

     "Don't mention it. It's my job to make sure you're safe." he replied. I closed my eyes again. Jin probably took the hint and left the room. I thought about all the things that have happened to me ever since I got crowned prince. 

     "It's okay, Hoseok. You'll be okay." a soft voice in my head said. I smiled and slowly drifted to sleep.

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