Grand First Date

~featuring @Chloe McCormick
Hoseok is a prince. Everybody knows that. ~The great prince of Xuma. Everybody bows down before him when he leaves the castle and goes into the city to grab some groceries. All you would hear is people screaming: "OMG! It's Prince Hoseok! HURRY, HURRY! TAKE A PICTURE!"
And you would think that living this type of life is fun, enthusiastic... but it's not. Well, at least not for Hoseok. He's sick and tired of people always noticing him. All the cameras flashing at him, people demanding that he take a picture with him.
It all comes to the day when Hoseok sneaks out of the castle, in disguise of course. Having lost his way, he bumps into a VERY pissed off college student. Not used to being disrespected to, Hoseok's interest in this women grows stronger. How long will Hoseok keep on his disguise? What will this mystery women do when she finds out that the one person she bumped into, turned out to be Xuma's prince?


2. childhood

~Prince Hoseok


     I was a kid once. Though you may not not believe it. How do you think the Crowned Prince of Xuma acted like as a child? Would you expect him to be stern? Well mannered from the VERY beginning? Or would you expect him to be like any other child? Running around in an open field with their father chasing him. For me, sadly, was the first choice. I was taught to be... lifeless. With no emotions. Everything I had to do was to be done with accuracy. If something didn't happen to my fathers likings, I would be locked up in a room. 

in a dark... cold... empty room

     I would be left to starve. Most times, I got really ill. But when I was bedridden, nobody came to check up on me. My mother went to visit her parents, but someone had planted a bomb in her train and halfway through, it exploded. My sister had gone to study abroad, so I hadn't seen her in awhile. The only one I had left was my father. But he never cared to check up on me. 

     Once I was better, my father would send me back to work. Forced me into doing fencing, riding a horse, and taking drawing classes. He put a burden on my shoulders as a kid. Sometimes I wondered if he ever cared for me. 


     "Your highness? Hoseok?" Jin whispered shaking me. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. 

     "You had tears in your eyes. I was worried something happened." he said. I gave him a small smile and sat upright. Not knowing what else to do, I pulled him into my arms.

     "H-Hoseok...?" he stammered. I didn't let go until Jin hugged me back. I let all my anger and sadness out onto him shoulder. Jin rubbed my back and comforted me. 

     "You have always been there for me, Jin. You know my true feelings that I have to hide from the world. If I didn't have you in my life, I'm sure I would've gone insane." I whispered to him. Jin laughed and gave me space to breathe. I didn't say anything for awhile and let the silence between Jin and I embrace me. 

     "You sure you're alright? Should I call the doctor?" Jin asked with a concerned expression. I shook my head and wiped my forehead. Sweat was dripping down my temples and the room felt hotter than before.

     "I'm alright. No need to go worrying people about a simple nightmare." I responded. Jin nodded his head and left the room for me to change. I pushed myself out of bed and dragged my feet to the washroom. After a quick rinse, I slipped on some clothes and was out the door.


     The palace was busy as usual and my desk was stacked with papers. I glanced at the clock in the room, hanging over the small empty vase and sighed.

     "Nine forty-seven. Okay, I can do this." I told myself and started signing the first few papers. 

     After a few hours of sitting in a chair, writing with an old styled pen started to cause me back pain. I covered the ink container and set the black, fine tipped pen next to it and stretched my arms. I yawned and cracked my knuckles. 

     "Twelve fifty-three." I mumbled. I shut my eyes for a few seconds and pulled myself together. But that luxury only lasted a few seconds. A knock on the door made me jump out of my skin and open my eyes.

     "Come in!" I yelled after smoothing out my clothes. A young lady dressed in a short black dress came stumbling over with her hands stacked with papers and set them on my desk. I gaped at the new stack of papers and then looked at the stack of papers I had completed.

     "This work never stops, does it?" I murmured. 

     "Excuse me...?" the lady asked. I looked up and shook my head.

     "Oh, it's nothing. Thank you... for the papers." I said. The young lady bowed respectfully and left. I curled my right hand into a fist and slammed it against my knee, which I instantly regretted.

      "Oww!" I yelled. I held my knee in pain and tried not to swear. But soon after, I could hear chaos outside the door. I got up and limped towards the door but before I could even touch the knob, Jin burst through the door and grabbed my arm.

     "RUN!" he yelled. I was caught by surprise but followed Jin through the back hall. We turned a few corners and finally made it outside. Jin didn't let go of my hand until we made it behind the coffee shop on the other side of the block. I sat against the wall, panting.

     "W...what was that all about..." I gasped. Jin took a deep breath and helped me up.

     "Your so called 'fans,' teamed together and decided to raid the castle. They were causing chaos and demanded that they meet you. We had no choice but to flee before the security came." he said. I facepalmed myself and paced around, biting my nails. 

     "I've had enough of this!" I yelled and was about to punch the brick wall in front of me, but Jin grabbed my arm.

     "Hurting yourself won't help. You need to talk to your father." he said. I looked at him and shook my head.

     "Talking to my father is the last thing I want to do." I replied sternly.

     "There has to be a way to please the fans. Maybe I can hold meet and greets once every month." I said. I didn't mind the idea. But it would be difficult to add it to the schedule. 

     "Hoseok. I think it would be best if we did something else." Jin said. I bit my bottom lip and motioned him to continue.

     "I'm not doing this to cause attention to you or the royal family. But maybe you should leave. I could tell the King that you just needed some time to think things through." he suggested. I thought about it.

     "Are you sure that's the right thing to do? I mean, is running away the right thing...?" I whispered. 

     "Only for the moment. Who knows what else they could be thinking. They might be willing to harm anyone just to get your attention. I'll try to get the King to move the castle." Jin said. I nodded my head. 

     "We should head back. You need to pack your things. You're leaving tonight." Jin added. 

     "Tonight!?" I mumbled. Jin nodded his head. I closed my eyes and followed Jin back to the castle, hoping that the castle was  in better circumstances. 

     "It's for the better." Jin reminded me as we tiptoed back into my room. I grabbed a suitcase from the corner of my room. There weren't many things I could fit in there, but I packed a few clothes and underwear.

     "That should be enough." I whispered. Jin tapped my shoulder and I looked back.

     "I don't know how long it will take. But, take this. I want you to remember me." he said. He handed me a chain necklace with a simple small gem at the end. I smiled at Jin and hugged him.

     "If I'm not back by midnight, leave without me. Be careful, my future king" Jin bowed and left. I sighed and looked out the window. The sun was still far from setting.

     "It's for the best." I reminded myself.



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