Hawaiian love story

Lily goes on a family holiday to Hawaii. It’s here she meets Elijah Hunters. A beautiful love forms between them and she begins to experience what love really is- messy but worth it. All she know is this has been the best summer of her life!



I wake up with the Hawaiian sun shining it’s rays through the doors I stupidly left open last night. Alice is still asleep, I check the time. It’s 9 am.

“Oi Alice wake up” I say walking past her bed. I can hear Juniper and Alex are already up and so is the Rose and Storm. Alice wakes up and starts getting dressed.

“Lily can I borrow some thing?” She looks at her suit case defeated.

“Of course” I smile. Alice is very self conscience. She doesn’t see how beautiful she really is.

“Here try this dress and put converse on.” I chuckle, throwing her a light blue summer dress. Alice slips it over her bikini and looks at me hopefully.

“Stunning!” I exclaim, grabbing my phone. I get her to stand right in the sun. She looks like some sort of sun goddess.

“Thanks Lils” she smiles giving me a hug.

“Go get the others ready” I laugh and she skips out the room. I put on a shorts and a tight tube top that only covers some of my rib cage. I slip my converse on and leave with the rest of my family for breakfast. My petit shoulders are exposed and my flat stomach is becoming gorgeously tanned. We sit on a table in the middle and are all busy chatting. Eventually sort out Storm and Rose giving them both pancakes and some fruit.

“Thank you” They say in unison. It really creeps me out when they do that. They literally look the spitting image of each other and they sometimes talk in their own language. They’re both adorable.

“Alex go up with Alice please.” My dad says.

“Alright Captain” he saluted and him and Alice go up for food. Juniper is already waffling food down so I’m left to go up by myself.

I waltz up to the massive tin tables covered in food. I get lots of great fruit and then a buttered piece of toast. I go towards the drinks station but someone grabs my arm.

“Wha..” I turn around and it’s Elijah smiling at me.

“Hey Lily” he smiles.

“Oh hey Elijah” I laugh.

“What ya doin today?” He winks.

“Probably stay around here” I laugh.

“Well do you want to come surfing with me?”

“I don’t even know you!” I chuckle pouring myself some orange juice.

“Well if you change your mind me and some mates will be down the beach all day” he smiles and then walks of.

I walk back to the table where my mum is staring at me, beaming. My family are to caught up in their own talk that they don’t see her wriggling eye brows.

“What?” I say self conscience.

“I saw that boy you were talking to, he’s cute!” She winks.

“Oh yeah his name is Elijah” I say distracting myself with eating water melon cubes.

“And what did he want?” She says smirking, eye brows raised.

“Oh he asked if I wanted to go surfing with him and some friends” I mumble.

“You can if you want Lily pad” she smiles.

“What! No I can’t! I’ve met him for less than twenty seconds!” I say defencelessly.

“All I’m saying is that you might enjoy having someone your age even if it’s just a friendship” she says taking a sip of coffee.

“You’re crazy!” I laugh.

“I should think so raising you monkeys!” She gestures to the twins who are throwing food at Alex and Juniper. Alice sits laughing with Dad.

“Right saddle up kids, were going swimming!” My mum stands up clapping her hands. Storm starts screaming and crying.

“What’s wrong Storm!” I run over grabbing her into my arms.

“I wanted some strawberries and no one gave them to me!” She starts whining and her face is drench in snot and tears.

“If you stop crying I’ll go get you some” I smile. Instantly she starts smiling and jumps out my arms.

“Thank you Lily” she smiles and skips after Rose. That girl is such a drama queen!

I meet them by the pool, strawberries in a cup. I hand them to Storm who gobbles them greedily. Her and Rose are wearing matching pink jumpsuits. Juniper and Alex are diving into the pool.

After an hour of entertaining them two and putting Alice’s long hair into braids I’m at the point of killing my self. My mum picks up on my stress and whispers in my ear, “Go” I look at her and smile.

“Thank you!”

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