Hawaiian love story

Lily goes on a family holiday to Hawaii. It’s here she meets Elijah Hunters. A beautiful love forms between them and she begins to experience what love really is- messy but worth it. All she know is this has been the best summer of her life!


1. O N E

I wake up at 3:45 in the morning. I pull myself out of bed and change into my skinny jeans, an over sized white jumper and then my favourite base ball cap. My long brown hair is perfectly curled down to my wrists and my feet are submerged in my timberlands. I grab my hand bag, suitcase and phone and make my way down stairs. Seven sleepy faces stare back at me from the sofas.

My two identical twin sisters, Rose and Storm sit playing with their dolls. They have bright blonde hair and cheeky smiles. They turn four in November.

My mum and dad sit going through all the paper work and double checking everything. They’re both paranoid about forgetting something.

My older brother, Juniper is on his phone playing candy crush saga. He has shaggy brown hair like me and is very muscular. He’s 17.

Then there’s Alice and Alex. They’re 14 year old twins and they’re best friends. They’re the first to acknowledge my presence.

“Mornin Lily” Alex yawns.

Rose and Storm run up to me giving me cuddles.

“Hello beautiful girlys” I smile as they giggle.

“Morning honey, got everything?” My mum walks over to me giving me a hug.

“Sure do” I yawn.

“Let set this shown on the road then!” My dad cheers clapping his hands.

This instantly wakes everyone up. We pile into the van. Alex and Alice sit in the back with Juniper, the next room has me in between Rose and Storm. Obviously my parents are in the front.


It’s 8 o’clock in the morning when we eventually bored the plane. We’ll be on here until about 11pm. We’re travelling from England to a holiday resort in Hawaii. Nothing but sun sea and family for 7 weeks! Rose and Storm sit with my mum and I sit with Juniper. Alex and Alice are in front of us.

“Hey don’t be worried we’re gonna arrive in one piece, Lils.” Juniper chuckles at my panicked face.

“Amen to that” I mutter, gripping the arm rest. I instantly relax when Juniper holds my hand and Alice puts her slim arm through the gap to hold my other hand. Alex feels left out so he holds Junipers hand. What can I say? Im a nervous flyer.

Alex and Juniper are really close ever since Juniper found out about his bullying. For some reason being gay is a crime in secondary school. Alice still adores him and they hang out like they’re best friends not siblings. I’m glad he has Alice.

Juniper is in his last year of college and I’m in the year below him. We’ve always gotten on really well and he is a total slave to Storm and Rose. He said that they need to be treated like princess so they no that no boy will ever be good enough for them. He doesn’t like the fact they’re growing up at all and is very over protective.

In twenty minutes we’re up and flying in the air. I let go of Alice’s and Juniper’s hand and grab out my phone. I take some cute photos of Alice, knowing I’m going to be her Instagram photographer for the next couple weeks.

Alice and Alex has red hair and usually natural red haired people aren’t very pretty but those two could be models. Alex use to have all the ladies at his feet before he 'came out' and Alice is a queen of hearts in school. Surprisingly it's only the boys who bully Alex for being gay; the girls all adore him still. I take a few of the boys and then a selfie of me and Juniper.

“You’re such a girl” he teases. I roll my eyes and look through the window. We’re flying over the sea and instantly my stomach does cart wheels. Every possible scenario runs through my head. Urgh I hate flying! After an hour my eyes feel heavy and before I know it I’m soundlessly asleep.

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