Hawaiian love story

Lily goes on a family holiday to Hawaii. It’s here she meets Elijah Hunters. A beautiful love forms between them and she begins to experience what love really is- messy but worth it. All she know is this has been the best summer of her life!


5. five

It was seven o’clock in the evening by the time I was showered and walking down to the restaurant with my family. I was tired but I had to keep Rose and Storm occupied. Rose was holding my hand and Storm was on my hip.

“Lily where were you today?” Storm says.

“I went out with some older friends” I smile.

“We missed you lil” Rose grins.

“I missed you to Posey” I bring her hand to my lips and kiss it make her giggle. We sit down at a table. Juniper sits opposite me the baby twins either side of me with Alex and Alice next to Juniper.

“Who are your friends then?” Alice winks as she takes a mouthful of pasta. Alex starts wiggling his eye brows.

“Non of your business” I laugh. Juniper motions with his eyes for me to go with him. I frown subtly but he stares wide eyed so I just get up.

“Right me and Juniper are getting more drinks. What are the orders?” I smile and then am attacked with drink demands. Me and Juniper walk to the bar.

“So who are they?” Juniper says as we line up.

“His name is Elijah and he’s very nice...and fit” I smirk.

“Oh and there’s some girls. One was particularly eager to meet a certain Juniper” I scoff.

“Well me and you’ll go meet them tomorrow. I don’t want I speak my holiday playing with Barbies if ya know what I mean” He laughs.

“Defiantly” I laugh back grabbing the drinks. Me and him talk about tomorrow as we approach the table. Alex and Alice end up leaving early to go to a “disco for teens”. They figured they needed to make some friends before they left. Rosie and Storm are taken to bed straight after dinner because they were literally falling asleep whilst eating. Me and Juniper walk with our parents until we reach the room.

“Juniper, Lily... stay out for how ever long you like but be safe and responsible. Look out for each other” My mum says as we go to leave.

“Oh and Alice and Alex have to be back for 10 they have two hours, for it?” My Dad says joining my mum.

“We got it, Adios” Juniper laughs and then drags me away from the room. I felt guilty leaving them but I guess it my holiday too, right?

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