Life of a SuperNatural: Book 1a Amy's Story

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking to Starbucks for some coffee, to keep me awake for the day. I never seem to get any sleep anymore. The same could be said for Mark, we're nearly inseparable these days. Just watching out for each other. Watching children's movies all night long reminds me of when we were innocent without a care in the world. Spoiled rotten. I was doing fine, seriously, I didn't think of her at all that morning. Until an old classmate came up to me. Honestly, the only thing I remember of the incident was her words. "Amy I heard what happened I'm so sorry for your loss". And just like that all the work I put into stopping the pain was diminished...

Everything changes when Amy's mother dies and her 'change' happens. In search of answers, what secrets will Amy unearth? What side will she fight for? Who is this new girl, Felicity? Why is she stalking her?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story: Life of a Supernatural 1b: Felicity's Story.*

14. Chapter Thirteen part Two


I spent the next two days back to back in meetings until it was finally time to meet Amy. I had mentioned beforehand to Sam and Jenna that I will be meeting Amy soon. They both had very different reactions to that---Jenna was eager and Sam didn't look too happy about the idea of her coming here.

When I was ready to leave I had a teleporter, Maya, who had telepathy abilities as well, take me as close as she could without people noticing us. We soon arrived in the small quaint town neighboring Geheim. It's atmosphere not like ours where it seems to be whispering the word secret in its every breath instead it gave off an open suburb kinda feeling. All its secrets seemingly open, as expressive as it could be. It was the as if this town has never felt the pain of untold secrets. Untold truths. Truths that are repeatedly and systemically denied although the evidence points otherwise.

Most supernaturals are generally put off by the unnerving feeling Geheim gives off--at least at first. The ones more sensitive to auras or those with telepathy abilities tend to be put off by it the most. They generally ignore it with time, it was always amusing to watch how long it takes the new students to get used to this new atmosphere as their parents drop them off with their stuff.

The late August heat was sweltering us. I should have brought someone with aerokinesis abilities with us. At least then we wouldn't have to suffer through this heat, instead feel a soft cool breeze as we took our walk to Writer's Haven. Alas, it was not that far as I felt the sweat dripping off my skin. I stood outside Writer's Haven, we were roughly an hour away from Geheim by car. The teleportation jump was nearly instant and brought us into town leaving only a five-minute car ride to Writer's Haven. Which for us means roughly 30 minutes of walking. We hurried to the cafe where I had pre-rented out a nook to give me some form of privacy for when I talk to Amy.

Finally arriving, I took in the quaint scenery of the suburbs. The trees here are sparse unlike in Geheim where it surrounds the perimeters of our campus. This has its advantages and disadvantages of course. We are hidden from view but in turn so are our attackers. This is why I have those with powers more geared towards concealment patrol our perimeter. I have those with telepathy abilities there too. They act mostly as guards who allow entry into the school. They monitor the minds of those who come by and if they hear the keyword then they alert other guards to lift the concealment for just a bit in their minds and let them through.

Entering into Writer's Haven I took in the bright colors and artwork that littered the common area-- the greeting area. From here customers normally choose which genre they want to sit red or write in. Each genre room is decorated to match. Horror section has fake blood and gloom all over it and so on. I took in the various scents of coffee as I heard the sizzling of the coffee as it hit the cup. The constant chatter of customers sitting in various seating. From couches to chairs, even lounge chairs were out for those who like the busy atmosphere. The room was big and the seating was spread out with some big tables so people could spread out their work on. There was also a quiet room one I loved to frequent the most although I never had anything to write just paperwork to get done. That room was soundproof with a bell used to alert the owners and waiters when we required service. The noise from the bell was not emitted in the room itself. In fact, the only sound or light you can see is the clacking of fingers on the keyboard and the glow of computer monitors illuminating faces.

"Hello, Debbie," a short and stout woman called to me from behind the counter. Her name was I don't know why she is so friendly to me she doesn't even know my real name. Not that I told her or want to. She waved over to me excitedly and I turned to Maya and in my thoughts, I said, <Maya get a table near my nook. I want you to monitor Amy's groups' thoughts.>, out loud I said, "This is the cafe I told you about," with a big smile on my face I gestured all over the cafe, "Take a look around. I have to meet with someone soon but if you need any help be sure to ask!"

After giving Maya my orders I went over to Martha and said, "Is my nook ready for me? I know I'm early." I smile as she sends one of her workers to check and appear to thoughtlessly take in the room. Behind her is where they kept the books they had in stock for sale. Anyone reading any of the books out in the cafe could bring it up to them if they liked to buy a copy of it to take home. The cafe seems like it's in constant chaos with the bright decor and various sitting size. As always I looked for all the viable exits in the building. Counting through them like a mantra in my head. Mentally I 'tapped' Maya's mind and repeated them for her as well. Maya was browsing looking for all intents and purposes as a regular new customer.

"Ma'am, your table is ready."

I turned my head to look at the young waiter in front of me. Studying him closely I could sense no powers off of him. In fact, besides Maya, I couldn't sense any of my kind at all. The thought sent a slight chill down my back as I remembered the most recent--no I mustn't think of that. I promised him I'll move forward.

As the young waiter, Shaun his name tag said, waited for me to follow. I slightly nod my head in confirmation. Internally messaging Maya to let her know that I'm heading to my nook and to stay guard. I followed him towards my favorite nook. It was away from prying eyes and to all who asked about the conversations that went on inside was easily dismissed as role-playing potential characters. It's amusing to see how readily humans take a somewhat believable lie and believe it more than they will the unbelievable truth.

As Shaun gestured towards my nook with offers of refreshments I waved him off. Telling him to come when my guest arrives. I don't want to be presumptuous about what my guests might drink. I'm not clairvoyant. Although if I wanted to I could easily call up one to predict how this meeting will go.

The nook, as we called it, wasn't a separate room. It was more like it was a private corner of the library all to yourself. An illusion created by bookshelves seemingly 10 feet high that box you in. It left a little opening to the room that's shielded in a beaded curtain. All the books were either standing up straight lined neatly side to side or lying on their side on the shelves.

The meeting time drew nearer. Only a few minutes now. I had everything prepared--for the most part. Maya was going to monitor Amy's group to detect any lies. Once I get confirmation from her that they're 'clean' in a sense I will disclose information about the school. Her sisters too if she would like to know.

I was slowly walking my fingers up and down the spine of the books behind me when I heard a little boy running towards my nook and a soft voice calling out for him to stop. My eyes met with Maya who had taken a seat nearby my nook pretending to read. I could tell she could feel it too. There was a potentially powerful telepath walking towards us. I don't even know if she knows it but her whole group has powers. I was expecting one or two. Our kind tends to find each other even without knowing what they are or needing my help to gather them together. I could sense at least three of the group had their powers awakened. Telepathy, shapeshifting, and agnikinesis... did she? Oh.. no. I wonder if Charles knows anything about this. He's supposed to report to me anything he requests.

I sent a quick message to Maya who confirmed my thoughts. However, she mentioned that the two others that were awakened in the group are aware of their abilities. In fact, they've had them for a while now.

I watch as a pale hand parts the beaded curtain, "This is where your meeting is," the young waiter, Shaun, said as the group followed him in.

Two little ones came in first, one a little black boy couldn't be more than maybe five years old as a taller little girl followed him with her natural hair parted in two big curly puffs. Her skin was lighter than the little boy's. I don't think they're related--at least not directly.

Then Amy came in through the beaded curtain. She looked just like her sisters in appearance. She carried herself with a bit more confidence and upon her face, she bore a hardset expression. Immediately I could tell she didn't come here for idle chit-chat. She had questions.

I watched as she stepped into the nook her asian friend, Mark--I believe, followed after. She never once took her eyes off me as she stood there.

She has a much more muscular physique that is easily visible in the short sleeve shirt she wore. It was slightly baggy on her--possibly a male's t-shirt? Her arms were obviously toned, but not in a ripped male weightlifter sort of way. Women can't gain that much muscle--at least not without help. With her toned muscles and her hair braided tightly into cornrows that almost reached her waist, she gave off the impression she wasn't someone you should mess with.

Mark stood at least two heads taller than her as the children looked nervous and their eyes dart back and forth in the nook. Amy, however, never took her eyes off me.

The waiter, Shaun, cleared his throat as he gestured towards the table and handed out menus to everyone. He asked for their drinks and Amy requested two apple juices for now. I ordered tea and sent him on his way. That will be all for now.

Once he was gone I said, "Hello Amy and friends." as my eyes sweep across them.

My voice seems to get the others attention as they train their eyes on me. Amy places her hands on both of the children's shoulders as their nerves seem to quiet down.

They all sat across from me the littlest ones on either side of Amy and Mark on the other side of the little boy. Their silence unnerved me, so I broke it, "Why were you searching for me Amy?"

Amy leaned back in her chair just a little bit putting on a relaxed persona but her thoughts told otherwise. "Well," she began, "it's simple I want answers and you're the only one I know who has them."

"Answers?" I said. I have answers, answers to a lot of things. Things she wouldn't want to know. Things she shouldn't know. Answers to her powers or her sisters but I cannot answer questions unasked.

Amy took a deep breath, "My mother left me a letter that said to contact you in case anything happens. Well she's ...," Amy paused her fingers gripped tightly into fists, "She's dead and I'm here. She said you could help guide me with my 'change'. Except," she said crossing her legs, "I have no idea what 'change' she's talking about. All I know is the night she died that my chauffeur drugged me and I had a panic attack and a, and a fire killed her...," she looked down--the first time she's taken her eyes off me since she entered the room-- and continued in a quieter voice, "and why Heather was kidnapped."

The little ones started patting her back as the youngest teared up. Images of his Mother float through my mind. His single desire only to see her again. Amy quickly quieted him with a knowing look as she wiped away his tears.

It was then that the waiter came in with a tray in hand. He quickly passed out our drinks placing a plate of cookies in front of us he said, "These are on the house," walking toward the door he said, "Let me know if you need anything."

When he was gone, I thought back to what she said. It sounds like two powers were awakened after she was drugged. Telepathic powers are generally associated with breakdowns and panic attacks. Agnikinesis sometimes referred to as pyrokinesis is generally awakened with anger or comes from a sense of fierce love and protection. If she was drugged there must have been severe hallucinogens in it to incite that reaction. Which means she didn't kill her Mother on purpose. I checked my psychic connection with Maya, as she relayed all of Amy's feelings to me showing me the images and thoughts racing through her mind when she spoke.

I don't know who this Heather is and/or why she was kidnapped. I, unfortunately, don't have anything to tell her there. I'll have to talk to Charles in case this was his doing.

"How do you know this-- Heather was kidnapped?" I asked.


I stayed silent and poured myself a cup of tea as she gathered herself together.

Embarrassed by her outburst she continues saying, "I saw it on the news when we were out looking for you. We saw the images they took and there was blood splattered everywhere."

She hardened her face and said, "I talked to her last before she disappeared. She was scared and running from someone--something. Then all I could hear was silence until her scream shattered my eardrum. Then a man's voice was on the phone, I have no idea who he is all I know is he must have taken Heather."

"Why do you think I know anything about Heather or your Mother," I said watching her features closely her brown skin seemed to be losing its pallor from what I believe is lack of sleep.

"Mom said to go to you and my sisters received the same instructions, so I figured you probably know where they are." Amy said her feelings of guilt of being 'chosen' radiate through me through Maya's connection.

"Well I do know where your sisters are and I can tell you right now I know what happened to your Mother, but, I do not know anything about your Heather," I paused as I continued, "I'm sure the authorities will find her soon."

Amy quietly replied, "I hope so. What happened to my Mother?"

I steeled my face and said,"Amy, you caused the fire that killed your Mother when you powers awakened."

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