In the summer before 7th year at hogwarts, Slytherin and Griffindor meet up and duel.What happens when Draco looks into Heriones eyes? It’s my first fanfic so be gentle


1. The Hogwarts express

 Hermione sat in the prefects carrige waiting for the head boy. She looked down at her watch (a muggle contraption used for reading time) “he should be here by now” she whisperd to herself,drumming her fingers on the seat next to her. The door swung open and Draco walked in. “Great now i have you to deal with as well.”Quickly Hermione replied “Well I’m sure there’s a spare place in Pansy’s bed” she smiled “then I could have the head domitories all to my self.” Draco looked out of the window “Ya Know Granger you really get on my nerves sometimes.” He looked up and realised Hermione was staring at him and smirked. She looked away obviously upset or hurt but that didn’t bother him. Hermione picked up her wand a accioed a tissue. Wiping the tears,she placed her wand down and whisperd “I think we should get our plans sorted out for the meeting tonight with McGonagall.” She picked up the wand with a shaking hand but instantly dropped it. “Oh come on” she said bending over in front of Draco to try and retrieve  it from underneath the seat. “Oh shit,” Draco thought to himself “That ass is goddamn sexy.” Just then Hermione rose with her wand in her hand “Gotcha.” Draco noticed something Hermione didn’t. Her topped button of her shirt was undone. Showing her cleavage. Draco bit his lip he wanted to take her there and then 



A/N I’m srry for writing such short chapters. If u want longer chapters plz comment. And if you have any tips comment those as well. Thanks - Michaela 




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