Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

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Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
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15. sixteen

*2 weeks later*

I wake up a mess. I can't get out of this funk I'm in. My hair is in knots and I have racoon eyes from crying so much. I sit up in bed and cuddle Thor. He literally dwarfs me now and he's still an attention seeker. Tracker is lying by the door and Red is lying inches away from the bed. Those two are the protectors in this pack. Atlas and Delta are play fighting and becoming reckless. I hold Thor's face up to mine and kiss his nose.

"How about a beach walk?" I smile and instantly get barks of approval. I need to distract myself because if I think to much then I get too sad. I get out of bed and change into shorts and a crop top. As I leave the room I put my converse on and my sunglasses. I'm at the point where my appearance means shit to me so I haven't put make up on since that night. I walk into the kitchen where the dogs eat some food and go out back for a piss.

"Morning" Bruno says as I walk in. He has massive suitcases under his eyes as a result of his restless nights. I stop what I'm doing and pull him into a hug. What I'm feeling has nothing on him. He had to raise Amelia basically so for him he lost a sister and a daughter all at once.

"It will get better babe" I whisper and kiss his cheek.

"It feels like I'm drowning and every time I resurface someone is pushing me back under." he says quietly into my neck. A small splash of water hits my neck as he silently cries into my neck. I cradle his head and hold him tight.

"Want take the dogs down the beach?" I smile pulling away and looking into his beautiful teary eyes. With my thumb I wipe a few of his stray tears and kiss his nose. He chuckles lightly and agrees to come with me. I load the five pocket rockets into the trailer and jump into the passenger seat. Bruno kisses me and then he starts the engine. We drive singing our hearts out to 90's music, we almost seen completely happy. Delta barks wildly the whole way and I'm surprised when non of then attempt to jump out of the trailer.

"We're here" Bruno laughs and then jumps out of the car. He lets the dogs out as I join him.

"Come on Thor" I shout as he starts to wonder. Quickly he joins the heard of big beast. Bruno holds my hand as we walk down the slope to the beach. The beach was full with screaming kids and families, occasionally dogs would run up to my dogs but Tracker was quick t send them on their way. All the little kids just reminded me of Amelia. She was so young, she didn't deserve to die that way.

"I know this is awkward but your father is getting impatient about the wedding." Bruno chuckles uncomfortably.

"Don't worry. We knew it had to happen soon." I smile warmly.

"I want the bests wedding the gang world has ever seen!" I laugh.

"And you will!" Bruno smiles, taking my wrist to stop me walking. Before I can react he's pulled me into a kiss and I'm kissing him back. A few boys walk past wolf whistling at us as we break away. Atlas runs circles around us and then we carry on walking down the length of the sandy beach.

When we get back Bruno and I go into my bedroom and watch TV for a while. The dogs have gone to another training class with Matt and everyone is out on gang business. However George and Maria have gone to the summer house in Malibu for a few days. Not long after finishing "Love, Rosie" Bruno gets into the shower. As I lie there listening to the water hit the floor I feel compelled to join him. Tonight I just wanted Bruno. He'd been away a lot recently trying to find out who Amelia's killers were. I strip down butt naked as I walk to the ensuite . Bruno's head pokes out the shower curtain and when he sees me standing there his jaw drops, making me smirk.

"Izabella,,," He breathes, looking me up and down. I smile and get in standing with m back to him. I'm shaking- this is so out of my comfort zone. His hands trace up and down my body while he gently sucks my neck. I roll my head back in pleasure when he kisses my soft spot. Bruno slowly turns me to face him, his hands still firmly around my waist. His eyes are a beautiful blue colour and I smile when he just stares at me. The water splashes against Bruno's back and the mirrors are all fogged up with steam.

"You're absolutely stunning Izabella." Bruno smirks. I blush and flutter my eye lashes.

"I love you Bruno." I smile and then his whole face lights up.

"I love you too iz" he smiles and then pulls me into a passionate kiss.

The rest of the night was amazing.... damn he was good!


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