Book Reviews Done By Yours Truly

I will do reviews that I can get to, meaning no red, yellow yes.
I will do then as first come first serve.
I will try to get them done as soon as possible.


10. Resident Evil: Ghoulification- @Shadowsniper

I will start by saying that I have not seen Tokyo Ghoul, but I am planning to. I liked how you started it. I was hooked. I also like the end of chapter one, where you said, "My name is Niko Winters, and this is my story.". Im not sure why though. 

I like your idea and plot line, but I think that you can do with a few more details, but I think that you have done good with your story. I like that you don't let us know what is going in right away, but you tend to keep us guessing. I also like your characters, especially when you had the one girl, Toukya, punch Niko. That was a moment to see her personality a little bit. Upon reading the last chapter I really wonder what the mask will look like! 


Over all I like this and will continue reading it... unless you put it to R rated. 


Pros- your start, you creativeness (Idk if that is an actual word...) your characters, your style and your plot.

Cons- I dont have any for you!


Thanks for letting me review this, I love your story! 

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