Art Show Audition

No inspiration, birthday coming up, and so much stuff on my plate that I can't seem to put off. But I have to get into this art school. My mom is paying for it and my dad will be so mad if I don't. An art teacher in high school sent an email to me about something she sent in about me. And here I have a letter and about three grand, standing in front of large doors that might never be open to me.


5. Chapter 5

     " Come on let me see it," She said trying to move around me and peak at the piece. I laughed and made her stay where she was. "Vanasse, you have to let me see it," She laughed and tried again. 

     "No. I need you to sit down right there and cover your eyes. I want it to be a surprise," I laughed as she tried to get around me and peak over my shoulder. She gave me this look that said she really thought that was a dumb idea, but she did it anyway after she rolled her eyes and laughed at me for being so secretive and playful. I looked at her for a moment longer to see if she was peaking before I hurriedly turned around and grabbed the drawing and showed it to her. "Okay open your eyes," I told her biting my lip and waited for her to say something about the drawing of our little favorite spot from being to end. 

     As she slowly opened her eyes I could see that she was waiting to see the drawing and she gasped when she saw it. She took it in her hands and showed it back to me. "The best judge of the work is the artist herself." And I looked at it very closely. The color that she choice looked about right. But something just didn't same right bout the piece. I placed a finger on the empty spot in the middle. I had thought that if I left it empty it would look very nice but it just doesn't. "What are you thinking about Vanasse?" Gemma asked me as she heard me hum to myself. 

     "Somethings not right with it. I feel like something is missing," I told her and got on my knees to place the piece on the ground. I had some of my best ideas while sitting on the ground. "That's it!" I yelled as the missing thing finally hit me. I jumped up from the ground and ran to my little photo box. I "I know I have it in here somewhere," I muttered to myself shuffling photos by and back into the box. When I found the picture of a smaller me and a smaller Gemma I smiled and said, "Found it," and ran back over to the drawing and picked up a pencil. 

     Gemma sat over me watching as I worked on the final piece missing. I flipped the painting upside down and draw the two young girls from the photo on the darker half. Flipping the drawing back up the way that it is supposed to be I smiled and drew Gemma and me holding hands and looking forward. After what felt like two hours I saw Gemma's shadow cover my light. Yawning I looked up and said, "Hey you're blocking my light," And looked back down at the drawing. 

     "Have you been doing this all night?" She asked surprised. I looked over at the clock and she was right. It had been all night. "Okay, up you get. You know that you have to finish this today. It has to be turned in as soon as your done. But you have to be able to walk on your own and talk on your own to be able to send this to the school," Gemma looked down at the painting and smiled. "You look like your almost done with it. That's good," She said and patted my back. I smiled and rubbed my eyes. 

     "I'm fine really. I just have to finish the drawing and then I can do everything," I yawned again and looked at my feet as they slugged there way along the carpet. Gemma laughed and pulled me into the bathroom. 

     "First, let's help wake you up," She said and filled a cup with cold water. She laughed as I was about to fall asleep and threw the cup of water on me. 

     "I'm up!" I screamed as the icy water hit my face.

     "That's what I thought. Now, get in the shower and clean yourself," Gemma ordered me to do and I did. I was starting to feel the effect of no sleep at night. I found a fresh pair of clothes waiting for me when I got out of the shower feeling half dead from lack of sleep. I mean this isn't my first round of no sleep but I would usually be working and pass out when I got home. Not this time though, I was too busy working to even glance at the time. Getting into t-shirt and pants I dried my hair and walked out to find breakfast and a note waiting for the food. 

     " Since you were taking so long in the shower I thought I should go out and get you something for getting into this school, Gemma" The note read. I sighed and ate the buttered cholate chip pancakes, before going right back to our room and getting back to work on adding the final thing to help the piece go together. I looked at the drawing sitting on the bed with all of my pencils and colors that I was using to color the people to make them look real. I smiled at it. The deadline was almost due and I had to send this out today. I grabbed the drawing and sat right where it was on the bed and picked up a pencil. I had to finish the drawing. I had something to eat and I had taken a shower all that I had left was to finish the drawing and send it out to the school.

     The sound of the front door closing and me finally dropping the pencil on the bed made me look up at the clock to see that it was now time to turn in the piece even if I wasn't done with it or not. I smiled and held up the piece to Gemma and she took it and sent it out for me.  

     "So what did you go out and get me?" I asked when she got back from making the stop to the post office to mail the drawing. She handed me the bag that she hadn't let go of just yet and waited. I looked at her before I slowly turned all of my focus on the what was in the bag that was just given to me. Opening it I found a small paper-wrapped box. She smiled when I took it out and started to unwrap it. The look of the thing inside was somewhat familiar. And as my need to know what it was got stronger I unwrapped it faster. Finding a small kit of artist pencils and paintbrushes with everything an artist could want. It was the very thing that I wanted when I was little. 

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