Art Show Audition

No inspiration, birthday coming up, and so much stuff on my plate that I can't seem to put off. But I have to get into this art school. My mom is paying for it and my dad will be so mad if I don't. An art teacher in high school sent an email to me about something she sent in about me. And here I have a letter and about three grand, standing in front of large doors that might never be open to me.


4. Chapter 4


     "Oh thank god," I said as I set down the grey color pencil. "I am done with this," I said as Gemma came in. She took one look at the piece and smiled.

     "Baby, you colored it in! It looks great," She said and bit her lip like she was holding something back from me. I placed my hands on my hips and gave her the look that always got her to talk. "Fine, I say you go back over it and get all the lines in order. And it looks kind of like a kid who can't stay between the lines. But I mean that as nicely as I can," She said and pulled her arms behind her back. I nodded and looked over at the piece she wasn't wrong. 

     " Can I at least get something for dinner?" I asked her. She smiled and walked out of my room. I looked at the piece and then the clock. I had 12 hours before I had to turn this in when I want to. The faster I finish the better of chance it has to make it out in time to have the school see it. It has to be sent out in 12 hours otherwise it isn't going to make it in time. I colored over every line that I had made as Gemma was getting supper or whatever it was she was doing in the kitchen. After a loud thud I went out to see what she was doing and it seemed she was trying to cook something. "Did you drop flour?" I shrieked as she turned around and the bag dropped out of her hands and exploded on the floor. 

     "What are you trying to do?" I coughed on flour. Gemma looked like a lost puppy at me and I giggled. We both weren't meant to be cooks and were horrible in a kitchen. I looked down at my clothes and at Gemma's clothes. We were covered head to toe with white flour. The urge to laugh at us because of the flour was so hard to not follow that I started laughing and coughing on the flour that was hanging in the air. Gemma started to laugh with me until we both couldn't breathe. 

     "Okay. Okay. Can we stop for a moment and take a breath? We also need to clean this kitchen up," I said through gasps of breath. 

     "Fine. Fine. But I will do this you go to work on your-"

     "No. I am hungry and I am finished. Its been about an hour since you walked out of my room and I finished with it. Let me show you," I interrupted her by telling her this and taking her hand for her to follow me back to our room.  We might have to be cleaning up the kitchen but this was more important. I turned my back on the drawing and waited till she was looking at me in the eye. 


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