Art Show Audition

No inspiration, birthday coming up, and so much stuff on my plate that I can't seem to put off. But I have to get into this art school. My mom is paying for it and my dad will be so mad if I don't. An art teacher in high school sent an email to me about something she sent in about me. And here I have a letter and about three grand, standing in front of large doors that might never be open to me.


3. Chapter 3


     Sometimes I feel that I need to keep her and make sure she doesn't get out of my sight. I smiled at my thoughts as my pencil scribbled down what I had in my head when I saw our Garden for the first in years. It looked so alive and happy that it was going to be hard to get that feeling in this artwork for the school. But if I can think I can do it, as my teacher always said. She had a lot of faith in everyone. My door opened again and the smell of chicken and mashed potatoes came in again. I smiled and put down my notebook only to get yelled at. 

    "What do you think you're doing? You have to work on it until it is done. You have how many days left? I only came in to bring you lunch but now it seems I will feed you lunch while you work on this!" She said very loudly. 

     "Ummm. Gemma, I love you and all but not going to let you feed me lunch. I can take care of myself, baby. And its due on the 27th," I shook my head smiling and got up from my bed to snatch a piece of chicken off the top. 

     "Hey!" She laughed and set the food down on my desk. "Come on. Get back to work. You need t get into this art school," She took the chicken away from me as I was about to take a bite out of it again. 

     " But I wanted that! I can't work on an empty stomach," I complained just as my stomach grumbled. "See told you," I said back and held out my hand for the chicken back.  I nodded my head and took a bite out of the chicken when it was handed back to me. 

     "Fine but when you're done with that no more until your finished outlining your work," She said in a warning tone, but with a smile on her face. I laughed as I ate the chicken and washed my hands off when I was done. Gemma sat on my bed and watched me finish the piece of work. 

     "Is that the Garden? Wow, I told you! Baby that looks great. Now how are you going to paint the thing?" Gemma asked when I put down my pencil. I was shocked by the question. I hadn't thought about the color of it. 

     "Ummm..." I thought for a second before I opened my mouth and shut it again thinking that the idea of painting the way I saw it wasn't very good. "Pencil color the bottom half and make everything on the top look bright? Maybe with some neon colors?" I thought out loud. Gemma shook her head and grabbed my color pencil drawer. "Alright what do you think I should do?" I crossed my arms as she dumped out the whole drawer on my bed, I watched as she grabbed pencil after pencil and handed them to me.

     "That is for the top half," She said and motioned to my two handfuls of colored pencils. And handing me a single grey pencil she smirked and said, "That's for the bottom half." Before she left my room. 


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