Art Show Audition

No inspiration, birthday coming up, and so much stuff on my plate that I can't seem to put off. But I have to get into this art school. My mom is paying for it and my dad will be so mad if I don't. An art teacher in high school sent an email to me about something she sent in about me. And here I have a letter and about three grand, standing in front of large doors that might never be open to me.


2. Chapter 2

     "Why are we going to the Garden?" I asked her once we stood in front of the broken fence that lead to it. We ha both lived in this really bad place because we just got here an we needed a place to get our grounding in. This was that place for us both. We might have moved on since then but the memories were still there about this first place in Colorado that we had known as home. 

     "Because! You need to draw something great to get into this school!" She said and dropped my hand. Going between the fence she pointed a finger at me and motioned for me to start following. "I have been here everyday since we both moved, and got a car. I have been caring for this place," She stopped talking as I forced myself into the Garden. Everything looked alive. It was more beautiful then ever before. I remembered this place being something like a dump. There were living trees that looked like they were just planted on freshly grown grass. And green bushes were tumble weeds used to roam. It was like walking away from a dreary hell into a wonderland filled with the living. 

     "Did you plant grass!" I asked and took a breath. It looked like nothing had happened from the other side of the fence. I looked over and saw her nod with a smirk on her face. "But how did you do it? I didn't know that you could garden!" I shrieked and went over to her.

     "Thanks baby. I knew you would like it. Now what thoughts do you have for that painting?" She asked and threw her arm around me. 

     "Well, now that I am out of the house I do have a idea. But it sounds just dumb so I don't think I will-"

     "No! Tell me the idea and I will tell you if its good," She demanded of me. I laughed and sat on the ground. 

     "Okay okay fine! Split canvas. But the way that it is split is with a body of water. And on the upper half of the painting you see this wonderful place. But on the lower half you see this horrible version of the wonderful place reflected back in the water. My main focus would be to bring everyone to see that everything has a good and bad side and that you have to enjoy both in order to enjoy life. See it's a dumb idea," I looked away and blushed as she gave me big eyes at the idea. "What?" I asked not looking at her. She grabbed my face and made me look her in the eyes.

     "We are going home and you have to sketch that out right now. That is the best idea I have ever heard, and most of your ideas are good. That one is going to impress everyone at the school. So much that they are going to have to let you in," She said and dragged me back to her car. 



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