Art Show Audition

No inspiration, birthday coming up, and so much stuff on my plate that I can't seem to put off. But I have to get into this art school. My mom is paying for it and my dad will be so mad if I don't. An art teacher in high school sent an email to me about something she sent in about me. And here I have a letter and about three grand, standing in front of large doors that might never be open to me.


1. Chapter 1

     "Ugh, I can't think of anything to paint!" I shrieked at the blank canvas. I had been standing here staring at the same spot trying to find out what I should paint to get into the school. I looked at my phone, around my room, and outside. I let some new air in and then got cold so shut my window. I thought about life and death, but still nothing. Nothing was coming. I have to be stressed otherwise I would have already had the outline drawn. According to my art teacher from High school, I should get into this school. That it is a need to. She said that I was born with a talent that I should use it to the best of my ability. I drew one picture and she went head over heels. I was switched to her class and was her favorite student; she was the hardest teacher to pass and I passed with the best grade. She didn't tell me when she put a note into an art school. Pratt University in Brooklyn, New York. But I had to go and check my email and see that. So now I am trying to get into the school. I am really worried though that I am going to fail.

    "You have anything yet?" My girlfriend asked through the door. She didn't knock because she and I were close as we could be. She came in with a slice of pizza and plopped down on my bed after she gave me a kiss with the pizza grease on her lips.

    "Nothing yah?" She said and frowned. I plopped down next to her and groaned.

    "I got nothin. I can't think! I am so stressed about getting into this school, baby," I threw myself back on the bed and shut my eyes. Feeling a hand on my leg I grabbed it. "I'm tired. Can I just take a nap?" I asked jokingly.

    "No. Get up! You have to get into this school. Your moms paying for you and your dad. Well, he is pissy that you're wasting his money but you have to do what you have to do," A pause in words made my eyes open to see that she was thinking. "Come on. You need to get out of here. I know what you need. You need to go outside and freaking breath. Smell the roses, whatever that saying means," She said and yanked me up and out the door. I smiled at her effort to help me get in this school.

    "Maybe I should give up and stay here with you, Gemma," I told her grinning. She stopped and gasped at me.

    "You wouldn't give you such an offer! I will not allow you to! I have seen you draw Vanasse and it is great! You were born to draw and draw you shall! You will not stay here because of me! That's why we have computers and walkie-talkies and things like that! So you are going to this school even if I have to drag you on your ass to get there," She yelled at me planting her hands on her hips and waving a finger under my nose.

    "You are terrifying Gemma. But I still love you," I said and kissed her lips. She smiled at me and pulled me along the sidewalk. "So where are we going to find my creativity?" I asked.

    Gemma smiled and turned to look me in the eye. "To the garden of course. To smell the roses!" She shrieked and turned around again to start running. By Garden, she meant the secret place we grew up calling the garden. The whole thing was dead so there were no roses, so it wasn't clear what she meant by roses. Unless she was talking about the one tree that we both talked our family into getting and helping us plant it in our little garden. We haven't been back since we were in middle school. I hope it hasn't died because we haven't been there.

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