Magcon boys

Olivia was excited for meeting her long cousin... but who could it be?


1. cousins

My mum kept on shouting me to get ready to meet my cousin” Olivia hurry up he’s going to be here in a second” i shouted back “shhhhh I’m coming”. I had chills about meeting him, IM FINALLY GOING TO HAVE A COUSIN I felt like screaming.

The car pulled up, a tall boy came out of the car with brown hair and blue eyes. He came closer to the door. IS THAT NASH GRIER THE VINE GUY, OMG! My faced dropped. “Hi” he said in a soft voice “you must be Olivia?”. I was speechless, “yeah I am, are you Nash Grier?” I questioned. “Yeah, how did you know?” I responded “I’ve seen your vines” he looked shocked “ that’s so weird, so you might of seen quite a lot of boys in them?” This was weird, I replied “yeah I have, why?”. “It’s just that I am going on tour with them, you could come with me and it will give us some time to get closer, seeing so I don’t have much time to chat to you?” I was so shocked “ I would love that”I said in a high pitched voice. “Ok, we leave for the hotel a 9:00 in the morning”. “Great” I said on a still shocked voice. I AM GOING ON TOUR WITH NASH.

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