The Space Saga A novel

London, England, 2100.

Earth is a changed planet. When Zac Harrow, a young military soldier, fights mutant aliens in Outer Space, he faces all kinds of trouble.


4. Zac Harrow-Part Four-Section 2


The plane was like a rocket. In the blink of an eye they were on the Red Planet. "​Please use your face masks. You'll be able to breathe in the air; you'll be able to sense the different types of oxygen when you disembark....​". Zac, Jenny, and Charles followed the orders along with the other 256 passengers...and six members of the flight crew...and the Captain, as well as everyone else on board. Zac was excited. Outside, there was a swirly breeze. "Isn't it magical?", Charles said. "Yes, I hope we can have a great time here", Jenny said. And Zac nodded, as both of them walked towards a tall, silvery, house, where the Martians lived.


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