True life of a yandere

A boy Eric Gills spent his whole life broken and quiet will that change when he goes to a new school where he meets the love of his life or will he be forever broken.


8. Fight the future Part 3


"Wait what why are you here lexi"

"Wait who is this who is Beth" Asked Jake


"Well you two destroyed one of my best devices ever created so I have Beth locked away soon to die and I now have the stuff I need to take over this whole Town and make it like my mansion"

"Lexi you can't do this"

"Of course I can here look Beth is right here"

"Ugh I hate you Lexi" Screamed Beth

"Lexi you will pay for this"

"Oh well I guess its time to kill Beth"


Lexi starts to choke lexi to death while her guards stab her stomach


"No Eric you can still stop this go on without me" Beth said while dying


Beth gets stabbed in the head and dies with everyone at school witnessing it


"Nooo Beth"

"What" Jake said


"Now Eric I am going back to my lab this is almost complete soon il control this whole town then the whole state then before you now it the whole world"


"Well toodles Eric"


"I still thought there was a chance of redeeming Lexi, now i'm not so sure"

"Eric what just happened that girl she just" Jake said with a bit of fright

"Jake it will all be ok she is going to pay for what she did to Beth"

"Im going to her mansion im going to stop this" I said

"Wait Eric im coming too" said Jake

"Why would you do that"

"Because I wanna help I know your mad at me and I wanna be nicer"

"Ok whatever lets go"


You and Jake take a Journey to Lexis house


"Wow why is it so red here" asked jake

"Her technology must've done this"

"Eric I don't want her to do this to Wauldronia what if she does"

"She wont because we will take her down"

"You sound a lot more sure than I think Eric"


"Woah what kinda mansion is that its all black and red" Eric said

"This looks way different from when i first came here" i said


You and Jake hear Lexi yelling so you decide to hide in a bush and listen"


"Seriously its not done yet" Lexi said

"Im truly sorry were doing the best we can"

"Well hire people to work force them I don't care cause if you don't do this you will die by me the Black Tail Murderer"

"Yes mam"

"Now get out of my face"


"Wow so B.T.M means The Black Tail Murderer"

"Wait what Eric"

"When she first texted me it said B.T.M now I know what it means"

"Oh but Eric what do we do now"

"We have to break in I know a way that Beth showed me"


You and Jake enter her lab


"Come on we have to stop her" I said


We end up coming across a room full of guard outfits, we put them on pretending to be guards


"Eric do you really think they will think 2 5 foot 7 teenagers can be considered adults?"

"Well its worth a shot"

"Well the sooner we get out the better" Jake said


Suprisingly we were able to sneak past all the guards with the uniforms.


"Oh no Shes in there" I said terrified

"We need to confront her" Jake said

"No you don't know how powerful she is"


We eavesdrop while Lexi is talking


"Yes its almost complete"

"Soon i will be able to take over this whole state"


Suddenly Jake trips allerting Lexi


"Oh no"

"Aha what are you guys doing here" Lexi said with anger

"We are here to avenge Beth" I said

"Your dumber than I thought shes not actually dead"

"But but I saw you you stabbed her choked her "

"Yeah I forced one of my guards to shapeshift as her and now hes dead but it was worth it to see the reaction on your faces"

"WILL" Beth screamed

"Beth its you"

"ENOUGH its time I do this when i hit this button this whole town will be under my control"

"Lexi no"


Beth hits the button suddenly we hear a shaking sound like an earthquake suddenly the whole sky turns evil red


"I don't know how to stop this how do we stop this" Jake said panicked

"This whole state will bow to me" Lexi said

"No Lexi"

"Now its time I end you"


Lexi pulls out a red glowing knife that looks deadly as ever


"Here this is for betrating me Eric"


She flashes the knife at me that i just barely dodged


"Wonder how you feel when i take out the love of your life"

"Wait wha"

"Jake move"


I just knocked Jake over while Lexi shoves the knife to him


"Eric you you saved me"

"Don't mention it thank me later when our life isn't on the line"

"Lexi stop" Beth said

"Why should I"

"Look I know that Mom and Dad didn't care for you I know everyone hated you im sorry i didn't think about that but you have to stop this look what happened"

"NO your just making excuses so I'll set you free"

"No I really care about you Alexa trust me"

"Ugh really"

 "Yes and you can end this"

"Yeah wait no I can't your the horrible one"

"Yes I know I wasn't the best to you but I was a kid I didn't know any better im older now and as your sister I really care about you""

"Ugh Beth why didn't you tell me this sooner"

"Because I was scared you would just kill me"


Lexi puts the knife away and starts to free Beth


"But the thing is I don't know how to stop this when I was crazy I never made a backup plan cause I was sure I wouldn't need to"

"So were stuck in this state that you control" I said

"WAIT I was working on this time travel thing so I could change everything"

"Where is it"

"Hurry we need to go" Lexi said


We run to the time travel device


"Hurry go through" Lexi said

"But what about you"

"I can't this is all because of me if you go through I would've never existed its better that way plus I would still be crazy its not worth it"

"But Lexi are you sure"

"Im positive Eric go live life don't make mistakes like I did"

"Well bye Lexi"


I jump through the time travel portal


 suddenly me Beth and Jake fall flat on the ground


"Wait Eric is this over"

"I think it is no more yandere"

"ERIC you did it you actually stopped her

"Well it was you, you were the one who changed her mind"


"Um Eric can I talk to you for a moment" Jake asked


"Well I am sorry for everything I said about you now I understand how you feel"

"Its fine I know after all this my life has made a turn for the better"

"Well thank you for everything Will you are a great person"

"I wouldn't say that but thank you"

"Well I am going to go thank you for everthing sincerly"


As for that me and Beth go to our classes


"Well Beth this has been an adventure"

"It sure has, goodbyes are no good"

"Your right"

"But I wouldn't say goodbye to someone I know i'll see again" Beth said

"Well I will miss this"

"But its time for me to live a normal life"

"Best of luck Eric well see you later"



Me and Beth happily walk to our classes and with that I think that wraps this up thank you for hearing the story of Eric Gills I will see you again in the future goodbye




The End









Look forward to a new story Im gonna write soon called The Tears Of A Wauldron 






Well this story is for entertainment purposes its not meant to offend anyone No one should actually do stuff that was in this story if you think about that please get some help get a therapist or someone to talk to. Until next time BYE




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