True life of a yandere

A boy Eric Gills spent his whole life broken and quiet will that change when he goes to a new school where he meets the love of his life or will he be forever broken.


1. broken

I've always known I was different I've always known that people didn't like me but I have had a hard life my parents divorced when I was in 5th grade I was bullied mistreated and threatened after 6th grade I couldn't handle it anymore and I made a big decision to live with my mom in wauldron, Maine, I would go to wauldron middle-high school I was really nervous at first but I missed my mom so I went with her. I thought what I always thought "Eric this will be like all the years I was bullied in my hometown Waterboro, What will be new I just have to get through 6 years of school then I'm done simple right? Ha little did I know this would be an adventure like never before


The first day I go to Wauldronia: 

"Eric its time to wake up" my mom said 

My mom has always been here she is like me has a lot of anxiety and depression I love her so much though

"Eric come on you have to get up I'm getting annoyed" 

"Fine I'm coming"

I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast cocoa puffs there the best could say I'm coocoo for cocoa puffs

"Ok eric its your first day don't talk to anyone bad don't be mean don't..."

"Mom i'll be fine I will probably just be quiet and not talk to anyone like usual"

"eric i know massabesic was tough but this will be different i even talked to the guidance counselers there nice people"

"Whatever let's just get this over with"

and so I went off to Wauldron Middle-High school (WHMS for short)

I just got off the bus and I'm going crazy I don't know what to do, my friend Stella told me where to go we had P.E together she lived in my trailer park and she seemed nice so I went to her for help

Gym was never my favorite class, probably cause the teacher was really mean and push ups are not really my thing.

After along day of school i was so relieved it was over. I met this girl named Bella she was funny and kinda weird i was just glad i could go home and play video games.



at home:

"Hey honey how was your first day of school" said mom

"It was okay i guess"

"Look i know you had a rough time at Waterboro but just give Wiscasset a chance"

"Whatever, i might as well be homeschooled"

"if you really want to ask me but just go to school a couple more days and see what you think"

"ok mom"

I started WHMS on friday which means i have the weekend to look forward too i spent my weekend being lazy like usual but now i have to go back to school, yay me.

over a couple months eric bonded with a girl named jen who was a tomboy and she was the best ever will thought when he would leave he would stay in contact with her for sure, i have to admit this school has been ok but i dont know about staying here for the rest of my school years it is april 1st today my grandma has been sick and she is gonna die soon so i have been really sad lately but its time to go to school

at WHMS:


"Hey eric" said jen

"whats going on"

"nothing wanna come see a movie with me saturday?"

"sure jen what is it?"

"its called a dogs purpose its supposed to be really good"

"ok see you then"



As I was getting ready for spanish class, something happened something that i never felt before

"Oh my god! who is that"

"Hes hes"


"My senpai?"



End of episode 1: broken



a note from the author:


hey whats going on guys sorry if these storys are short but i will post every other day or i will try to and sorry puncuation errors not my specialty but this is my first story i have written in a year i just wanted to point that out hope you like my story so far until then bye

next episode published 2/10/18


















































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