Fight For Me | P.JM

Would you ever go that extra extent for the one you truly love?
What if you know that it will hurt the people you hold close to your heart?
And that you could also end up hurt too...

Contains Strong Language


5. -4-

I was out breath by the time I reached town. I could see Yonghee and Haneul talking to each other in the distance, they did not look pleased, I swear they look like they're out for murder. I slowly approached them because I was scared for my life because these two are the only human beings in the world that could remove my will to live, they scare the living shit out of me and they have that same effect on everyone. I used to get bullied because I had the worst acne when I was a teenager and people would call me bubble wrap because my face was COVERED in spots, and Yonghee and Haneul wouldn't have any of that. Once, I remember this asshole called Lee Jong-Suk made fun of my acne and I remember vividly exactly what happened...

5 Years Ago...

"Guys, look it's Bubble face!" I heard Lee Jong-Suk say when I walked past them.

"What happened bubble face? Couldn't the doctors treat your diseased?" He said as he laughed with his muppets. Droplets of my tears fell to the ground as I kneeled my head down in shame. How can a person be so cruel and heartless towards someone who has, let alone done something to them, but has never even spoken to them? I was so embarrassed I wanted to run outside those school gates and never come back.

Then I heard Yonghee and Haneul shout "what the fuck do you think you are doing?" They walked over to me and as Haneul embraced me and told me it's going to be okay and giving me reassurance, she was amazing at it. Yonghee approached Jongsuk and said sternly to him, "Apologise. Now"

"And why would I do that?" He said standing in front of her. They stood there both of them glaring at each other.

She couldn't contain the amount of hatred and disgust she felt towards him and acted upon it. She punched him in the eye, which made him stumble to the floor as he held his eye in agony. Yonghee does boxing which is why she's so fit and has a body which I always compliment her on because I'm so jealous. Oh and not to mention, she can hospitalise anyone that gets on her nerves. She then kicked him in THAT AREA and he let out a groan of immense pain, that fucker deserves it. All of his muppets start to back away slowly in terror as she shot each and every one of them another one of her spine chilling stares.

"Let this be a lesson to anyone that wants to mess with me or my friends. Got that?"

They all nodded frantically as they trembled in fear. She grabbed my hand and Haneul's as she stormed away in anger. "Something like that happens again, you call me, okay?" She said as she became calmer. "O-okay Yonghee," I said.

Since then, I've always been scared of them two but I love them so much. So much so, I would sacrifice my own life for them and I know they would too.

Present Day:

I approached them awaiting the wrath they were about to release onto me.

"Y/N! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Yonghee shouted, I'm so screwed.

"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER AN HOUR!" Haneul said furiously, they actually give me goosebumps.

"IM SORRY OKAY? I WAS WITH A NEW FRIEND..." I said a little shyly.

I've never had any other friends other than Yonghee and Haneul because I have trust issues but when I met these two, I felt so at ease I just immediately got along with them, I just realised that I also got along with Jimin quite easily, he just made it so easy...

"Ooo, and who is this so called 'new friend'? They said as they began to loosen up, thank god they do anything to me this time round, if it happens again, eugh, I don't even want to imagine it.

As we walked to various shops, I told them everything from when I first met Park Jimin up until this morning at the coffee shop.

"Soo... are you two like a couple or are you waiting for him to get down on one knee?" Haneul said as Yonghee fell on the ground in a fit of laughter, and we were literally in the middle of a road.


Is this still a thing in society where people will automatically assume a boy and a girl are a couple? (Unless the boy or girl is lesbian or gay that is.)

I walked ahead of them into the Gucci store because I'd been working as a tutor alongside the floristry as I wanted to earn extra money and they paid really well. I worked very hard at the tuition place so my boss would give me a raise and I'm glad she did because I was saving up beforehand to buy my dad new shoes as my mom had bought him a pair and he would always wear them no matter what and I wanted to give him a upgrade so I though this would be partly an apology gift and partly a upgrade gift. I immediately saw these shoes that caught my eye which looked so beautiful and detailed, they would look perfect on my dad.

I showed Yonghee and Haneul and they stared intensely at them, as if they were going to ask one of the colleagues for a pair and run outside with them. They started whining to me about why I never get them presents like that and why I only gave Haneul a banana and Yonghee a breath mint,

"Those were the only things I had in my handbag that day because the BLACKPINK merchandise didn't arrive in time!" I said.

"You better have something good for my birthday next week," I said pointing st them with my intimidating face.

"Don't worry Y/N, we're going to BLOW.YOUR.MIND." They said smirking at each other, they'd obviously planned it themselves, we'll see what they have in store.

I went to the front till and asked for the shoes, gave them the money and left with my girls as we continued to talk about Park Jimin, even though I told them that we were friends, I was really unsure of what we really were because I've only met the guy twice and we haven't even introduced ourselves properly, well I'll ask him tomorrow what he thinks our relationship is...

I had to part ways with Haneul and Yonghee which I didn't want to do so I told them to sleep over at mines became we hadn't done that since high school and I really need some company and who better than my favourite two humans on this planet (not including my dad, Jungkook's not on that list, sorry not sorry Kookie).

"UHH, IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? OF COURSE WE WILL!" They squealed and so did I, we sounded like little kindergarden children but we didn't care. We headed towards my house and the sun was setting so I said I asked them if I could take a picture to put on Instagam so I took one and it came out better than I expected.

I uploaded it and we headed home, planning about how we're going to spend the night.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I love you all my beautiful readers and I send you all my love!

-Love from S.S ❤️

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