Where Nobody goes

Her name is Bexley Roads but when she was kidnapped her name was changed to Westlynn Brooks.She is dating Ryker Romero.Her mom and dad is: Braelynn and Liam Roads.Her “father” (the one who kidnapped her) is West Brooks.Her high school: Pennhurst High is actually an asylum.What do they look like? Shes a brunette with blueish purple eyes and is very pretty.

Who are their friends/family? Lynn, West, Braelynn, Liam

Where do they live? Pismo beach, Spring city

What do they believe? She believes Lynn was her mom and West is her dad.

What are they like?She’s very nice, pretty, smart, and can sing/ dance.

What do they want from life?She wants to be successful and wants to be with ryker for the rest of her life.

Defining past - what from their back story has left its mark on their personality.

Her “dad” has cared for her since he kidnapped her.She knows her “mom” lynn died giving birth to “westlynn” and has left her hurt but she has accepted it.


9. The truth

I had then realized, i wasn't alone.The whole time i was here i was being followed by someone or something. I said to myself "Im westlynn Brooks and im not afraid of you".In reality I really was scared but they didnt need to know that.A poster was crumpled up and thorwn down the hall.

I picked it up and uncrumpled the flyer.It was a picture of .. "ME?!?!?!?" when I was three.I thought to myself what was going on?It said In bold red letter about the picture MISSING.It said if found or seen please call a number.

It was addressed to Braelynn and Liam Roads.The little girls name was Bexley Roads.I thought then this little girl i'snt me her name is bexley, my name is westlynn.I cried what was going on in my life and what is the truth?I couldn't be more confused than the moment im in right now.

I walked the halls to this weird bedroom where i got one bar of service i called the number on the flyer.The woman named Braelynn roads picked up. She answered with"Hello?" I said" HI my name is westlynn, and i saw this flyer in the old placed that was supposed to be ,my highschool. she asked me how old i was and i told her that i was 15 and i would soon be 16.

She told me she had a daughter my age and in a few days would be her daughters birthday too.Which could just be a coincidence right? She said her daughters birthday was May 1st.The same day as mine.I told her that i would call her another time when i was in better circumstances and she agreed.

I called out to the person who was there with me.A boy walked out of the shadows.He said he claimed to be West and Lynns son.I had to question him he said that His parents were told he died and they left the hospital so upset, and they had put all the kids here for money. He said his name was Kaden Scott Brooks.

He told me he was related to me but then he wondered if i was ever the brooks kid, because i looked like the little girl on the poster.I told him i didnt know the truth.I grew to become closer to the guy he was really sweet and kind. I gave him my drinks and food he looked liked he needed it.We had to figure out the truth.


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