(BTS Jin FF) Season 1: Only

Let's just say that so many things can happen in one day. You never know. ;D


1. Episode 1: Trouble for the Newbie

About Yourself:





Who you live with-No one. Your parents kicked you out so that you could learn how to live on your own.



I woke up at 7 o’clock to the sound of birds. Yeah, sure. Get out of that fantasy Y/N. Eomma was banging my door now. She had come to visit after her and appa business trip, but they should be leaving tomorrow.



Eomma~If you don’t get down these stairs right now, there are going to be serious consequences!!


Y/N~Here I come!!


Abeoji~Bye, sweetie!! Have a good day at school!!


Y/N~Bye, appa and eomma!!


Eomma~Bye, Y/N!!


I came downstairs in about one minute, because [1] I don’t want to deal with her and [2] being late on the first day of a new school is NOT a good sign! I had gotten clothes from the top of my drawer. There’s no point in trying to look nice. I hopped in my car and drove to school, knowing that I’m gonna be lat. But who cares anymore. I’ll just use a lame excuse.



I arrived at the school parking lot and it was very packed, so I had to search for a spot. Once I finally found a parking space, the bell rang. I walked to the office to get my schedule, locker, and combination. Afterwards I walked out of the class and was looking at the extra map that they gave me. Why do school maps have to be so confusing! I was just about to turn the corner my locker, when I bumped into someone.



???~You alright?


Y/N~Yeah...I’m Y/N...*He was helping me up with one hand holding onto my forearm*


???~I’m Jimin.*As soon as he lifted me up, he pushed me onto the lockers and locked hands with me. He was coming closer and closer, and I turned my head.*


Y/N~Stop!*I whined hoping that someone could hear me*


Jimin~Why do that?*Then I felt a kiss-wait no-a peck on my lips. Not even for a full second. And not because he wanted to, but because someone pulled him back.*


???~WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?!?!?*The guy looked infuriated. If only looks could kill.*


Jimin~She’s my girlfriend and you can’t do anything about it!


Y/N~I’m not your-


Jimin~*He pulled me closer to him by the waist*And I can kiss her if I want.*He leaned closer about to kiss me again, but I pushed away.*


Y/N~First of all, I’m not your girlfriend and secondly, I need to get to class!!*Jimin had a surprised look on his face.*


???~*As I walked away, the guy that stopped Jimin shouted.*Hey! I didn’t get your name!


Y/N~I’m Y/N, you?*I came closer to him so we wouldn’t be yelling at each other.*


???~I’m Min Yoongi, but you can call me Suga oppa. Well, depending on your age.


Y/N~Okay, Suga oppa! See you at lunch?


Suga~Sure, see you later!*We exchanged smiles and I walked off to my locker to get my things then headed to class, while Jimin was just standing there looking stupid.*



Throughout the entire day, all I could think of is what happened earlier this morning. Why did Jimin just come out and do that!? He has some serious problems! Especially since I’m the new student! Ugh! I forgot to tell Suga oppa thank you!


3 hours later it was finally lunch time. I was waiting outside the door to the lunch room for about 5 minutes and was about to give up looking for him, until I felt hands cover my eyes.



???~Guess who this is.*Suga oppa said teasing me.*


Y/N~Suga oppa! I know it’s you-*But when I turned around, I realized that it was not him.*Ugh! You again? What do I have to say to get you off my back!?


Jimin~Call me oppa, then.*He raised an eyebrow and did an evil grin.*


Y/N~Never in my lifetime!*I tried to turn around, but he grabbed my right hand and pulled me back to him.*


Jimin~*He whispered.*You’re not getting away that easy.


Y/N~*You tried pushing him away, but it didn’t work*Let go of-*But he stopped my words mid-sentence with his hands*


Jimin~C’mon, it’s not gonna be that bad.*Then he picked me up and carried me to the boys’ locker room. I started screaming until he covered my mouth again.* Be quiet, will ya’!?*Then he was kissing me, while holding both my wrists tightly, stopping my blood circulation. I was trying to push him, but he was too strong. I tried crying so that he could let me go.* Crying isn’t my weakness.


Y/N~You’re just mad, because no one wants to be with you! And you have to force a girl to even kiss you!



Jimin’s POV


She was right. I let go of her I was about to cry. No. Not in front of her. I was about to walk out when someone had pushed me onto the wall on the opposite side of Y/N. He started shouting in my face.


Jin~What do you think you’re doing!! Don’t play with girls like that!!


*Then he punched me square in my jaw. It hurt, but I didn’t care. He squatted down to the floor to hug Y/N. Jealousy was all that ran through me. I ran out of the locker room, the school, the world...I never want to come back.*




It wasn’t until Jimin let go of my wrists, that I fell to my knees and covered my crying face. I heard someone running into the locker room and I looked up. I saw that this guy was taller...and quite...HANDSOME!!!! Okay calm down Y/N, it’s just a dude...a really handsome and tall one...


???~What do you think you’re doing!! Don’t play with girls like that!!*And with that, he punched Jimin in the face, which he deserved, then he came to me and gave me a hug. It felt nice to have a hug and feel safe, with no worries, happiness. I had looked up behind the guy and saw that Jimin wasn't there anymore. Hope he learned a lesson.* Hey are you okay?


Y/N~Y-yes…*He held my hand to help me stand up and let go as soon as I did. At least he knew how to keep his space.* H-hey...I didn’t get your n-name…


???~Oh, sorry. I’m Kim Seokjin, but you can call me Jin oppa.


Y/N~Okay Jin oppa...


Jin~So, what’s your name?


Y/N~Oh! I’m Y/N...



We were finally in the lunchroom about 2 to 3 minutes later, and Jin oppa was taking me to a table with 5 other guys. Thank goodness I saw Suga oppa there. I’m glad that there’s one other person that I knew.



Y/N~Oh, hey Suga oppa, I was waiting for you right outside the lunchroom. Where were you?


Suga~Oh, I was getting my lunch in the line. Sorry for not informing you that I eat school lunch.*Then he gave me the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. Not even a newborn fluffy puppy could top this.*


Y/N~No problem.*I then returned the smile. I started staring at him until Jin started to talk.*


Jin~*Clears throat.*I didn’t know that you guys knew each other!*He looked at me with eyes looking like he needed help, then at Suga oppa, then back at me with that same darn look.*


Y/N~We only met just this morning. He helped me in the hall when…


Suga~When Jimin was harassing her. He tried to kiss her, but luckily I pushed him away before that could happen.


Jin~*He looked directly into Suga’s eyes.*That’s crazy because that’s a similar way to how I met her! I heard screaming and ended up in the locker room to see what happened and how I could stop it. Then I ended up seeing Y/N in there crying. I pushed Jimin unto the wall and punched him and gave Y/N a hug, because no one should be treated like that. But he’s not usually like this, though...*He gave me such a sweet smile, that I couldn’t help but smile back.*



Suga’s POV

When he said that he gave her a hug...I felt so jealous. I was the one who was supposed to hug her, I knew her first. Now you're acting like a child. I wanted her to be mine...forever. Never knew that I would believe in love at first sight. I never knew I could love someone so fast...I had to do something.


You~I know right. Well, at least now you’re safe.*I held her hand and she blushed and tried to hide her smile. Wow, she’s so obvious. I ended up smiling back at her. Maybe I do have a chance.*



Jin’s POV

I see what you’re trying to do Suga. You’re pretty clever, but not clever enough. Two can play at that game.


You~Yeah, that’s right.*I rubbed her back and smiled at her while she blushed away. She looked down at her lap. Awww! She’s embarrassed! I turned to Suga with an evil smile. A don’t-try-to-take-my-girl smile.*



Suga’s POV

I thought...I had a chance...I was wrong. I bit hard on my bottom lip to try and stop the tears, but I couldn’t hold it in. I already lost one person, and I don’t want to lose another...


You~Excuse me for a second. I didn’t know that this stuff could be so sticky!*I did a little chuckle to hide the pain and walked off.*




AAHH!! Why do they have to flatter me so much!? I looked up from my lap to hear the sound of Suga oppa’s voice.


Suga~Excuse me for a second.*His voice was kind of wavery, was he trying not to cry?*I didn’t know that this stuff could be so sticky!*I looked at his hands and noticed that his hands were perfectly fine. Wait! Not in a holding kind of way...Whatever…I never thought this...*


Jin~*Jin had interrupted my thinking*I almost forgot to introduce you to the friend group-I guess you can call it. So you already know Suga.


???~I’m Jeon Jungkook, but you can call me Jungkook or Kookie.*Then he gave a bunny-like smile. How is that even possible!?*


???~Or Jungkookie oppa!*And then he started to laugh uncontrollably.*


Jungkook~Don’t call me that, I just hate it.


Y/N~Okay, noted...*Then you looked back at your lap, until the same person who told me to call Jungkook, Jungkookie oppa spoke to me.*


???~I’m J-Hope, or Hobi oppa.*Then he gave me the brightest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Why do they have to kill me like this!? Just be normal guys for once!!*


???~I’m Kim Namjoon, or Namjoon oppa.*Then when he smiled-Let me just stop right there. He has dimples. What is with these angels!?*


???~I’m Kim Taehyung, Taehyung oppa or V oppa.*He gave me a box-like smile that I couldn’t help to smile back. All of these angels around me. I’m so lucky!!*


Y/N~I’ll just keep it short and call you V oppa.*UGH!!! Why am I blushing all of the sudden? They were all looking at me.*


All~Awww!! She’s blushing!!*They just had to stretch the “u” in blushing. Smh. I immediately covered up my cheeks, to try and stop the embarrassment.*



Suga’s POV

I was about to walk back into the lunch room, when I saw that they were all talking to her and her just blushing away. Y/N can you notice me? You know what? Forget it. I walked over to the table.


You~Hey, I’m back, sorry. I had just went to the office.




I was so caught up in my mid-life crisis, that I didn’t even think about where Suga oppa must have gone.


Suga~Hey, I’m back, sorry. I had just went to the office.


Y/N~Why? Is everything alright?


Suga~Yeah…*Then he looked down at his plate and started playing with his fork.*So what’s new with you guys.*He was looking at the others. Is he was trying to avoid me?*


Jungkook~I finally got an “A” in Math, but that’s pretty much it.


Hobi~I was working on this new dance routine that we could all try out.


Namjoon~That’s a good idea!! We could practice at school.


Suga~What time?*He started to smile.*


V~Maybe at 4:00 after school in the dance room.


Suga~I’ll book it.


Jin~And Y/N, you can join if you want to.*He looked me directly in my eyes waiting for my response.*


Y/N~Sure!*I put on a bright smile just to show how happy I was to go there. And I really was. But then I saw Suga almost lose his smile completely. That made me feel kind of bad. Did I do something wrong?*



Time has passed and school was over at 3:30. Which I think is early for a high school. I had arrived back at my house at 3:50 and decided to change into something that I could dance in.



Author’s Note

For all of the ARMYs out there that is already dying, you’re welcome. :) Back to story.



Jungkook’s POV

There was music playing while we were doing our regular warm-ups, when I saw Y/N and Suga come in. Perfectly on time. Wow. She is a pure description of beauty.


I was caught in a daze until Y/N called my name.


Y/N~Hey Kookie o-*She noticed my eyes widen*Oh, sorry, I’m just so used to saying oppa now.*She then chuckled. What a cute smile. She makes me smile...*




Y/N~*I had to raise my voice up a little bit so they could hear me over the noise.*Hey Kookie o-*I noticed his eyes getting wider. How could I forget!? I didn’t know that saying oppa could possibly offend him.*Oh, sorry, I’m just so used to saying oppa.*I gave a little chuckle to stop the silence from continuing. Then he started watching me and I started to get nervous.


Suga~You look so cute!*He did that cute smile again. Like, STOP!! Please kill me now…He didn’t say this to me when he picked me up...Was he trying to make them jealous? Y/N, stop thinking so hard on something that you know can never happen. :(*


Y/N~Th-Thanks Suga oppa...*I smiled nervously and looked down at my shoes.*


Jin~Hey Y/N~ah*Then he blew me a kiss and chuckled. Did this actually just happen, or am I dreaming!? Then he came over to me and pulled me into a hug with his right hand patting my head and his left arm around my back.*Ah! You’re so sweet Y/N.*I started blushing, luckily he couldn’t see me. My head rested softly on his chest. He’s so comfy like a pillow. I hugged him back with my arms wrapped around his waist because he’s so tall. He broke the hug and held my face with two hands.*Are you eating well?*Then he tilted his head, like he was trying to inspect my face.*



Y/N~*I grabbed both of his wrists while he was holding my face.*Yes...Are you eating well?*And I tilted my face like he did and smiled. He smiled back. So cute!*


Jin~I always eat well.*He pinched my cheeks. Then I pinched his cheeks harder and laughed.* Ahh! That hurts.*He pouted! AAHH!! Am I seriously dreaming!?*


Y/N~You look so cute when you do that.*Oops! I said that out loud!*


Jin~Awww! Thanks!



Author’s POV

Everyone Except Suga and Jungkook~AWWWW!!!!


Namjoon~We got a new couple in here!*Then he whistled which made Y/N and Jin separate.*



Jin’s POV

I was so caught up in staring at Y/N, that I didn’t pay attention to anything or anyone else...Don’t judge me...just wait ‘til you meet someone that you really love…


V~Okay, lovebirds, We need to start the dance.




It was almost 8:00 p.m. when we decided that we should all go home. I was so tired from dancing. Hobie oppa taught us a lot today. And I’m very proud that I got more help on how to improve my dancing skills, because I quit dancing 2 years ago. I grabbed my sports bag and headed out the room.


???~Hey, let me join you, let’s go get some more water.*I turned around and noticed that it was Jungkook and he looked so tired, I could see him sweating bullets!*


Y/N~Jeez!! It looks like you need more water than me!!*I grabbed a towel out of my bag and when we got to the water fountain, I dabbed his face with it. It was only until I was done dabbing his face, that I noticed that he was looking directly into my eyes. He did that bunny smile of his that I love so much and I smiled back, as usual. We were both staring at each other for what seemed like a minute, and I couldn’t help, but look at his muscles...He came closer to me.*


Jungkook~You need to stop worrying about me. Let me take care of you.*He took out his own towel and dabbed my face and he moved my hand from his neck(WHICH I DIDN’T KNOW WAS THERE!!!!) and held it.*We should be getting some water.*He continued to hold my hand while I was drinking some water. He suddenly let go...His warm hand slipped away...I turned around and suddenly, I could see why. Jin oppa came up with Suga oppa following behind him.*


Jin~Hey, I can drop you off at your house if you want me to.*He tilted his head. Our little inside joke...I chuckled a little and looked down at my shoes.*


Y/N~Sure.*I looked back up at him, smiled and tilted my head the same way he did. We both chuckled.*



Author’s POV

Jungkook and Suga were both on the same page. They both couldn’t stand the thought of being around Jin and Y/N like this. Y/N and Jin walked out hand in hand and they couldn’t stand it even more than before. They walked out the door to the car without saying a word to each other. Jungkook and Suga decided to ride together. On the way to the dance studio, Jin rode with Namjoon, Suga rode with Y/N and Jungkook rode with the rest of the maknae line. Now it is Jin and Y/N, Suga and Jungkook and the rest of the maknae line with Namjoon.





I got home and Jin had walked me to my door. I’m glad that the ride back wasn’t quiet. We always had something to say to each other about anything. We have that wonderful connection to keep a story going without awkward silences.


Jin~Here’s your stop.


Y/N~Thank you Jin oppa!*I started blushing because I saw that he was getting closer to me, but I wasn’t going to stop him. I think...I think I like him...No...I know that I like him!*


Jin~I like you Y/N…*He smiled and he was so close that I could feel his breathing. I was so amazed with what he was saying. I can’t believe it, but he was so serious.*


Y/N~I-I like you, too.*He kept on coming closer and closer until he stopped*


End Of Episode 1




Author's Note: Thank you so much for reading this Fan-Fiction because I'm very happy that I started writing this last Monday and finished yesterday. This was the fastest that I've ever written any long chapter in my entire life. P.S. I already started working on the second episode. :D**

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