Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
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2. T W O

My first lesson is English and when I realise I have it first everyday of the week I want to cry. I hate English so much. And to ice it all of its up three flights of stairs. I start my march up the stairs and realise I’m a decent 10 minutes late. I knock on the door nervously and a tall old man opens it.

“Hi I’m the new kid” I smile.

“Oh oh okay then take a seat in the back” he stutters and then steps aside.

As I move down the isle a few boys start to whistle and I roll my eyes in disgust. I take a seat and sit there listening to him blab on about Shakespeare until a ridiculously fit guy walks into the room. He has tattoos all up his arm and a jaw line that could cut a bitch. The guy walks up to me and stares at me.

“What?” I moan.

“Your in my seat” he says bluntly.

“There’s a sit there hun” I snap.

“I didn’t ask that did I?” He spat.

“Hmm well I answered” I say sarcastically.

“Fuckin hell” he mutters at plonks himself on the desk next to me.

“Was that so bad?” I look at him, head tilted, with puppy dog eyes. He rolls his eyes and I can see a smile play on his lips.

“Quiet in the back” an old voice commands.

“Yeah yeah” I mutter quietly and start answering the sheet we had been given. The bell goes so I start to pack my things up but when I look up the boy is standing I front of me.

“Harvey” he puts his hand out.

“Blue” I take his hand cautiously. A few girls whisper and stare at us.

“Who the fuck calls their kid blue?” He laughs.

“My mother.” I snap suddenly really annoyed. His face softens when he realises he’s hit a soft spot.

“Well I love it” he smiles.

“Fantastic” I say sarcastically walking out of the class room.

“I’ll see you later Blue” he winks and walk of down the corridor towards a group of leather jacketed boys.

I walk to Media class on my own and when I eventually find the class everyone is already sat down.

“Um excuse me” I knock the door.

A short women responds, “yes?”

“I’m Blue, the new kid”

“Okay take a seat” she smiles while I take my seat.

“Partner up” she barks. I sit there awkwardly until a blonde girl walks up to me.

“Hi I’m Poppy, wanna be partners?” She smiles warmly.

“Yeah, I’m Blue” I smile back. We spend the entire lesson talking and discover we have lunch together. Together we walk up to the canteen and grab a table.

“So who’s Harvey?” I ask taking a bite of my apple.

“He’s in a gang, leader to be precise and he literally gets away murder” she say half heartedly.

“Shit” I gasp.

“He’s got a bad reputation but he’s alright. And his gangs mates are decent enough”

“Are you friends with that?” I ask.

“Oh hell yeah” she laughs.

“That’s why your so lenient” I smirk.

“Oh shush! Your going to love them!” She smiles and I laugh at her. Maybe they aren’t bad after all. Trust me to make friends with the bad girl on my first day.

🌙— Two months later—🌙

“He’s coming are way” Poppy laughs.

“What!” I nearly scream but I am interrupted when Harvey waltzes over.

“Hey gorgeous” he grins.

“Hey Har” I smile.

“Oh Poppy, Alexander was lookin for you” he smiles at her as if they’ve known each other for ever.

“Oh god, see you later Blue” she laughs at my confused expression and struts off.

“I’m so fucking confused” I whine as he takes a seat opposite me.

“Poppy is dating one of my ‘gang’ members” he smirks.

“Oh my life” I laugh. Trust me to befriend the gang members girl and catch the eye of the leader.

“Are you scared?” He smirks mischievously.

“No” I snap defensively.

“Good” he winks.

“Come on let’s get out of here” I smirk as we both stand up. Groups of gossipy girls and jealous boys stare at us as we leave and closely the rest of his ‘gang’ follow behind.

“You aren’t like most girls are you?” He says raising one brow.

“I like to call myself unique” I smirk.

“You’re gonna fit in great” he laughs.

“Huh?” I stop walking.

“Well you’re mates with Pops and the leader of a gang has got a fatty crush on you. You’re joining the gang right?” He looks at me confused.

“What did you just ask me?” I take a step back.

“You’re joining the gang?” He says caustically.

“I can’t do that! I’m trying to stay out of trouble not get into even more of it!” I raise my voice. What the hell was he asking me?!

“I think deep down you really want to but somethings stopping you.” He says taking large steps closer to me so I can feel his breath on my face just as Poppy walks over.

“Poppy look after Blue” he says without loosing eye contact with me.

“Come on Blue” she smiles taking my arm. I’m so dumb founded. What was happening?!!

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