Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
#gang #onedirection #1D #romance #fanfic #sex #justinbieber #jb #love #guns #drugs #leader #life


11. T E N

Six o’clock came flying round the corner! I put on a white tight dress and black high heals. I’d put my hair in a messy pony tail and did a black smokey eye.

“You look gorgeous babe” Harvey grins as we walk arm in arm out of the house. I blush crimson which makes him chuckle.

“Thank you Harvey” I smile. When we reach the car he opens my side for me and closes it after me. He jogs round the front and jumps in.

“Date night here we come!” Harvey laughs lightly. I smile and the whole ride to the restaurant I can’t help but stare at him. I’ve missed him so much.

“What you staring at?” He says playfully.

“Nothing” I smile. He grins at me and then pulls up outside the restaurant. We walk in together and take a seat by the window in the corner. I ordered a pizza and side salad while Harvey went full out and ordered bits of everything.

“So what’s the latest?” I smile.

“Nothing much really. We have some rivalry with a gang south of us but nothing to be worried about.” He smiles.

“As long as your safe and I’m safe.” I laugh lightly taking a sip of wine.

“I missed you so much Blue!” Harvey says holding my hand. I give it a squeeze and smile.

“The past six weeks have been torture!” I laugh. We’re eating our meal when a tall greasy man walks over.

“Hello Harvey” he smirks. Harvey tenses and his hand instantly flies to his waist band.

“Oh come now Harvey is that anyway to treat your father?” He laughs. I look at Harvey surprised. He told me he didn’t know his dad?

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