Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
#gang #onedirection #1D #romance #fanfic #sex #justinbieber #jb #love #guns #drugs #leader #life


7. S E V E N

After I put the finishing touches to our room I go downstairs to find Poppy in the kitchen.

“Hey babes” she smiles.

“Hey, where’s Alex?” I take a seat opposite her on the island.

“Gang shit”she responds.

“Urghhh” I whine.

“Wanna go to town?”


“Come on let’s get changed!” She smiles and we go upstairs. I put on the red v- neck mini dress I brought from our shopping spree and put my hair is a messy pony tail.

“Hot!” Poppy cries as she walks out in a navy strapless mini dress and has her blonde hair in a messy bun.

“Slayin it girl!” I say hyping her up. We walk downstairs and run into one of the guys.

“Ladies” he nods his head.

“Hey Harry” Poppy smiles.

“Where you two of to at 6 o’clock in the evening?”

“Town” I respond laughing and drag Poppy out of the house.

We go to a bar and order ourselves some drinks.

“This is so much fun” I laugh taking a sip of my margarita.

“Tell me about it!” Poppy giggles taking a sip form her Gin and Tonic. We sit there for an hour or so just chatting when two tattooed blocks walk over to us.

“Hey there girls” one says and I’m about to respond but Poppy intercepts.

“What do you want Kiren?” She snaps.

“Jeez Poppy chill out! We wanted to say hi!” He smirks.

“Well fuck off” I snap.

“And who do you think you’re talking to lady” Kiren bites back.

“A tattooed prick?” I say sarcastically.

“Who’s bird are you?” The other one smirks.

“I’m no one ‘bird’ but I’m dating Harvey” I snap.

“Oh So you’re the leaders girl..” Kiren and the douche bad next to him share a look.

“We best be off” Poppy says giving me the We-need-to-get-the-fuck-out look.

“Yes okay bye boys!” I say getting out of my chair to follow Poppy.

“We ain’t done yet” Kiren grabs my arm.

“Let!” I snap.

“No” he growls and before I know it I’ve slapped him hard round the face and am running it of the bar. Mine and Poppy’s high heals clap against the concrete as we sprint to our car.

“Fucking go!”Poppy shouts as we dive into the car. We can here Kiren and that tosas’s voice in the distant. I shove the keys in the ignition and step on the gas. When we’re far away from the bar we both start laughing.

“Oh my god that was the funniest thing!” Poppy is nearly crying.

“Did you see the hand mark I left on his face!” I cackle.

“That was bad. Ass!”

“Oh god” I say starting to compose my self.

“What do we tell the boys!” Poppy exclaims.

“I have no idea” I laugh as we pull up outside the main house.

As soon as we enter the house angry faces stare at us.

“What the fuck were you thinking!” Alexander shouts at us.

“We went out!” Poppy shouts back.

“Your fucking stupid!” Harvey shouts.

“Why? Because we didn’t want to be your bitches? Because we wanted to go out?!” I scream at them.

“No because you went and slapped a fucking leader! You realise you’ve just put a target on your back!” Alexander spat at me.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Poppy yells.

“Fuck off you stupid bitch!” Alexander shouts at her and as soon as he does he regrets it. The room goes silent- you could hear a pin drop.

“Fuck. You. All!” Poppy shouts and then storms of to her room. I follow her and leave them all speechless. Poppy bursts into tears as soon as we close the doors.

“Poppy!” I gasp and pull her into my arms. Her hear rest on my shoulder as her tears soak into me.

“Who the hell does he think he is?!” She sobs, “I mean I thought I loved him, Blue, I thought he loved me!”

After a while she starts to get tired so we get into our pjs and then into bed. I lie with my arms wrapped round her all night. When I wake up she’s still sound asleep so I slide out of bed and leave her room. Soundlessly I walk up to mine and Harvey’s room and there lies a muscular body on the bed. I slide into bed and mould my body to what’s left of the space. When Harvey realises I’m next to him he moves up and then says, “I’m so sorry Blue”

“I know” I don’t turn to face him.

“Blue, baby, please” his hand pulls me closer to him and he nestles his head in my hair.

“You were just worried I understand. Alex was a prick though” the last bit has venom dripping from it.

“He was up all night crying. He’s really upset”

“So was Pops” I reply.

“You know I never meant you to feel like you were my bitch. You’re my girlfriend and that means everything to me Blue” he forces me to meet his eyes.

“I know Harvey” I kiss his cheek and then bury my head in his neck. I fall peacefully into a deep sleep until I’m awoken by angry shouting.

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