Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
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4. F O U R

I wake up with my head on Harvey’s chest and his arm resting over my back. When I look up he’s already awake.

“Mornin beautiful” he smiles.

“Morning” I yawn, “Oh my god I look like a mess!” I laugh awkwardly.

“A cute mess” he winks as I roll out of bed.

“What day is it?” I ask as I stretch my arms.

“Saturday” he says getting out of bed.

“Which means?” I walk into his bath room and wash my face.

“You and Poppy can go shopping while we have some guests over” he appears in the door leaning against the frame when I look up after patting my face dry.

“I need to get my purse from home.” I smile sucking under his arm.

“Don’t bother I’ll give you my card” he smiles.

“I can’t do that!” I look at him horrified. I feel bad when someone buys me an ice cream let alone pay for a shopping spree!

“Babe.” He looks at me as if I’m bonkers.

“What?” I smile with my eye brows raised.

“I make at the very least half a mill every week” he says smugly.

“What time are we leaving!” I laugh.

“In about an hour” he walks over to me grabbing me by the waist. He places a kiss on my lips and then again but deeper. I tangle my hands in his hair and he picks me up by the bum. My legs are wrapped round his waist as he walks back over to the bed. I sit on top of him not letting my lips away from his.

“I need to... get ready” I say in between kisses.

“Fine” He says sarcastically but still carries on kissing me. I laugh and get off from on top of him.

“Your such a bad influence” I recall as I leave him in the room. I hear him laugh and then open a draw.

“Knock knock” I cheer walking into Poppy’s room. She’s still half awake lying in bed and Alexander is wrapped around her.

“Oi guys!” I say loudly but have no response.

“I’m pregnant and we’re under attack” I say and both of them shoot up.

“Good you’re up” I laugh.

“Right I gotta go bye babe” he places a sleepy kiss on Poppy’s forehead and walks out.

“You had sex didn’t you” I smirk at her. She blushes and I scream jumping onto the bed.

“Tell me everything!” I demand.

“I’ll tell you over lunch. Come on!” She laughs and then I borrow some of her clothes and we’re off.

The first place we go to is Sephora where we legit buy everything! I brought three new foundations, five lip products, new setting sprays and a bazillion high lighters and eyeshadows.

“Who knew shopping could tier you out so much!” Poppy huffs as we take a seat by a window in Prezzos.

“Tell me about it!” I laugh putting my bags on the floor. We order a pizza to share and some drinks.

“So tell me everything!” I say as our food arrives.

“Well we both weren’t that drunk so I knew what I was saying yes to...” she says and I almost scream with excitement.

“It was just so nice like it was, don’t tell anyone, my first time and I’m so glad it was with him” she blushes.

“Awhhh” I place a manicured band over my mouth.

“Enough about me what’s the lates with you and Harvey?!”

“Well last night I became his girlfriend and” I hesitate but Poppy already knows what’s coming.

“Oh my gosh yes!!!” She nearly screams.

“Shhhh!” I laugh at her.

“Finally another girl!” She laughs taking a sip of her drink.

“When are you moving in?”

“We haven’t discussed that and I don’t think my mum will let me”

“She will and we’re going to sort that out as soon as we get in Okay?!”

“Okay” I laugh. After an hour we decide to carry on shopping. I brought two pairs of skinny jeans, a cute coat, a few jumpers, a few normal shirts and then a really sexy dress and some new bras.

We get Alex to pick us up and when we arrive back at the house Harvey is fuming.

“What’s happened?” I ask walking into the kitchen where he’s shouting and punching things. I try and hide the fear in my voice. Alexander stands to the side with Poppy just behind him and the rest of the gang watch. I put my bags down and walk over to him.

“Hey hey hey” I try and calm him down. His eyes have gone a stormy grey colour and his jaw is clenched. I reach out to touch him but he just hits me to the ground making me smack my wrist.

“Blue!” Poppy cries and runs to me.

“I’m fine honestly” I smile holding my wrist. When Harvey sees what he’s done he calms completely.

“Everyone out!” He barks and I go to leave but he tells me to say.

“I’m so sorry” he takes my bad wrist in his hand, checking it for any markings.

“Honestly it’s fine” I smile.

“No it’s not” he says frustratedly.

“Hey, I’m okay” I put my hand on his cheek and pulls his face to meet mine.

“I’m okay” I smile.

“Are you sure?” He pulls me into a tight embrace.

“Positive” I giggle.

“Anyway how was shopping?” He smiles. His mood suddenly completely different.

“Great!” I laugh. Slowly people start to file in and out of the kitchen as if nothing happened. These spin offs must be frequent.

“So When are you moving in?” Harvey says while we lie out in the back garden soaking up the suns rays.

“I don’t even know if my mum will let me” I laugh.

“She’ll say yes” he smiles.

“I wouldn’t hold your breath”

“That’s not very positive is it?” He chuckles rolling into his side.

“Oh shut up” I snap playfully.

“Did you just tell Harvey Huntington to shut up” he says dramatically.

“Yes” I giggle.

“Well then!” And with that he pounced on top of me and starts to tickle me.

“No! Stop!” I squeal.

“What was that I can’t hear you!” Harvey laughs.

“Stop!” I scream. I’m uncontrollably laughing at him.

“Who is the best boy friend ever?” He laughs.

“You!” I scream, trying to fight him off.

“Okay I’ll stop now” he laughs hovering over me.

“I hate you” I laugh breathlessly.

“No you don’t” he chuckles planting a kiss on my nose.

“Ass” I flip him over so I’m on top and kiss him deeply on the lips.

“Get a fucking room!” Alex shouts from the patio windows.

“Yeah!” Poppy chimes in.

I carry on kissing him and just stick my middle finger up at them. Harvey laughs and breaks away.

“Come on” he smirks helping me up. We walk into the kitchen and sit at the island. Poppy and Alexander are making an early dinner for everyone and we sit chatting to them for a while u tip my phone goes off.

“Shit I never phoned my mum” I laugh and then grab my phone walking outside to the chairs on the patio.

Me—Hi mum

Mum—Thank god you’re actually alive! Where the hell are you!

Me—I’m still at my friends house, I’m thinking of moving in. But I want your opinion first.

Mum—Well if that’s what you want to do darling. Me and your father will support you, you know that right?

Me—I love you mum so much

Mum—I know baby girl.... right don’t let me keep you waiting. Have fun and I want you home tonight so we can talk about this properly, love you

Me—Love you too

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