Blue willows

Blue willows is the new girl at school. She’s born a trouble maker and as soon as she gets there she befriends, Poppy. Poppy is in a gang and they become best friends. When Blue catches the eye of the leader, Harvey, her whole life is thrown into chaos.
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5. F I V E

“Guys.... I can move in!” I cheer as I walk in.

“Yes!” Poppy screams and gives me a big hug.

Harvey just smirks and kisses my cheek as I sit next to him. After an hour of chatting we’re served our grub: garlic chicken and salad. To be fair it was really good and everyone really enjoyed it. There about 30 live in members of the gang and about 30 not, however they all live pretty damn close to the main house. There’s a massive table in one room that seats over 30 so we all sit there and ,like a massive family, enjoy dinner. This gang is just like a dis functional family.

“Can you drop me home?” I say as me and Harvey do the dishes.

“Of course what time ya want picking up tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll text you in the morning though” I smile.

“Okay blue” he says sweetly. 20 minutes later I’m kissing Harvey good bye and am walking into my house.

“Hey mumma, hey pappa” I say walking into the kitchen.

“Hey baby girl” my dad brings me into a hug. His familiar scent filling my nostrils.

“So When are you thinking of moving” my mums says holding my hand.

“To be honest I’m in no hurry what so ever” I smile.

“Well I want to meet the people you’re going to be living with, especially the boys” my dad says protectively.

“Daddy” I laugh.

“I’m serious” he says in his not-so-serious tone.

“Can you get me some boxes from work?” I direct to my mum.

“Of course sweet”she smiles.

“Hey mumma don’t be so sad! I’m only moving down the road. I’ll visit all the time” I bring her hand to my lips and kiss it.

“I know baby girl it’s just, oh I’m not ready to let my baby go” a few tears spill down her cheek and I instantly go and give her a cuddle.

“Your not letting me go mumma your letting me fly” she squeezes me tight and my dad comes over with his monkey arms and group hugs.

That night me and my parents sat cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket and watched movies together. I fell asleep in my mums arms and woke up there too. We had pancakes for breakfast and then spent the whole day together as a family. I had texted Tyler saying I could come over today and he was totally cool with it. At 7 o’clock my mum came I to my room with boxes and helped me to pack.

“You have to phone me and visit me all the time okay?” She laughs, trying to hide her sadness.

“Mumma I will always find my way back to you two” I smile.

“I know sweet” she says as she starts to pack my shoes.

“How many shoes!” She exclaims packing the fifth box full. I laugh and the atmosphere in the house changes dramatically.

As soon as we wake up the next day my dad starts to load the car with my crap and Harvey drives down to help.

“This is Harvey” I say to my parents as Harvey reaches out his hand.

“I’m Dave and this here is Kelly” My dad is being surprisingly calm.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” Harvey says releasing his hand.

“Well Blue didn’t you pick a cutie!” My mum exclaims winking at me.

“Mumma!” I say embarrassed but she just chuckles and goes upstairs to grab more boxes.

“Your parents are adorable” Harvey says as we walk to his car to pile in more crap.

“You’re an ass” I laugh.

“Remember no gang shit while they’re round. And preferably they only meet Pops and Alex” I laugh nervously.

“It’s going to be fine!” Harvey says pulling me into a hug.

“I hope so” I chuckle and he kisses me on the forehead. My parents follow me and Harvey in the car and when they meet Poppy and Alex their impressed. My dad helps carry all my stuff into the house as has a one to on conversation to Harvey. I don’t know what they said but they’re both laughing at the end of it.

“I love you so much mumma” I pull my mum into a hug and don’t let go. A few tears escape my eyes as I release her.

“I’m only down the road. If you need anything I’m here for you baby girl” she smiles as my dad joins her.

“Be safe sweetheart” my dad says kissing my forehead.

“I love you guys so much”. I hug them one more time before they get into their cars and drive off.

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