Shadows without light

Astarianna Stella Lune has learned many things easily. It's thime she learned the hard way.


1. I learned something that day that I wish I never had

I learned something that day that I wish I never had.

I was running. My bare feet struck the pavement, landing on random things. I was terrified, the shadow was following me at an alarming pace. I was shaken to the point that I hadn’t realized I stepped in glass. I had nowhere to hide. I looked down, seeing the trail of blood that my foot had left. Ripping the sleeves of my shirt, I created makeshift shoes, preventing a further lead. I scrambled up the ladder, tumbling backwards on the slippery rungs. Finally reaching the roof, I went to the edge. 10 feet to the next building. Thinking quickly, I used my own logic. Screw it. I jumped.

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