"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


63. 63

That’s all I’m doing Liz, I’m good at fishing and if that means making a better life for us then I want some of it.’ Chances like this come along once in a lifetime.’

“Alright, if that’s what you want to do. I won’t stop you.’

Liz got out of the car. Walking to the door she turned to wave at Bobby and then her heart jumped as she noticed her father’s car parked further up the street. He was back she thought she wasn’t going to allow him to touch her anymore, she would tell her mother. She felt a sickness in the pit of her stomach at the thought of him. Bobby pulled away as she let herself into the house.

“Where’s my mother asked Elizabeth Rose to Rose who was sitting knitting in her armchair.

“They’ve gone out together. Did you enjoy your fishing trip?

“Yes, I caught two good sized Cod and Bobby got four.’ I’ve brought the ones I caught home.

I’ll put them in the sink. I’ll have a shower then get changed Rose.’

Elizabeth removed her boots and survival suit and put on her slippers then went into her summer house in the garden that had now been converted so she keep all of her fishing gear. Hanging up the survival suit she then placed her boots in the corner. She oiled the reel then set it back into the box. Using a damp cloth, she wiped down her beach casting rod, dismantled it and then placed it back into the cloth bag and then hung up the three- piece rod on the rails specially made for her rods. Her tackle box went into the recess under the bed that was still in there. She turned out the light then went back into the house. Elizabeth went into the bathroom and closed the door she propped a chair against the door so if her father came back he couldn’t get in. Then she turned on the shower and undressed. She took two towels out of the cupboard and placed them on the corner of the bath then stepped inside of the shower.


“I have news Janet said Peter Thompson as they sat in the lounge of The Foxhunters pub.’

Yes, what is it? “let’s get a bottle of wine first and then I’ll tell you.’

The waitress brought the menu and Peter asked if they could have a bottle of house red.

When she returned the bottle was opened at the table and Peter nodded after tasting it.

The young waitress asked if they were celebrating.

“Sort of said Peter as he looked at his wife who was waiting for him to tell her his news.’

“I will come back in a moment when you have selected something from our extensive menu.’

When the young girl had gone Peter told his wife that he had been officially retired from the Royal Navy.

When did this happen?

“I found out on Thursday, I thought I’d wait to tell you.’

“It’s marvelous, you will be home all the time now.’

“Well I have to find another job but I will be home a lot more.’ If I join the Merchant Navy its only two weeks on and a week off.’

“You will have your pension Peter and I will have my wage from the hospital. Do you really need to go to sea again?

“ I’m only fifty Janet, I’m not ready for my carpet slippers just yet.’

“I guess not, I always thought that once you had retired from the navy then that would be it and we could spend more time together as a family.’

“We will Janet, in fact I thought about us going to visit Deborah Jane at the weekend.

“She has a boyfriend now you know, he’s called Philip and he’s a student doctor.’

Peter let out a tight smile.

“It had to happen sometime Peter, she’s a beautiful young woman.’


The waitress returned to the table, she asked if they were ready to order.’

 “Yes, can we have two bowls of soup of the day followed by fillet steaks. I’ll have medium and my wife will have hers well done please.’

The waitress took the order smiling at Peter who was still in uniform.

Janet looked at her husband who could still charm the ladies at fifty years of age. He was still a handsome looking man with not a grey hair on his head. Slim, athletic looking. His hair neatly cut and clean shaven. He had crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes now but he was still a fine figure of a man and she still loved him.

“Oh,’ I forgot to tell you, they are giving me a long service medal. I am being presented with it next month. You and the children must come with me.’

“That’s wonderful darling,’ Of course we will come with you.’

“Did I tell you, how beautiful you look tonight Janet.’

“Yes, you did.’

The waitress came over and took away the empty soup bowls. Peter made a point of telling her that the soup was delicious.

“Thank you, sir I will inform the chef.’

It’s not bad in here Peter and pretty reasonably priced I might add.’

Yes, not high end, but not bad for the money. ’would you like more wine darling?

“I forget the navy has some of the best chefs in the world hasn’t it.’

 “Well, Malcolm Duell our resident chef on board our ship has cooked for her Majesty the Queen and you have to be pretty damned good if you are catering for her Majesty’s guests.’

“You will have get used to pie and chips again after you retire said Janet?’


“I happen to like pie and chips Peter laughed.’

The waitress brought their steaks served with baby roast potatoes Julien carrots and garden peas.

There was an assortment of condiments and a rich gravy.

Using his steak knife Peter cut into his steak and tasted it. “Perfection, how is yours darling?

“It’s very good, no gristle, it melts in the mouth.’

Peter ordered another bottle of wine which was promptly brought over.

How is your meal sir?

“Excellent, in fact it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten and I must tell you that I’ve eaten a few in my time in the navy.

Our chef is an ex- Royal Navy man he’s called Michael Costello do you know him.’

“Was he on the Ark Royal?

“Yes sir, he was. I shall tell him to come out.

A few moments later the chef came out and Peter stood up and shook his hand and introduced him to his wife.

“How long have you been here Mick said Peter?

“Just over nine months since I retired. The pay isn’t a lot but you can’t have everything unless you go to London.’

“This is top quality cooking mate and you are wasted here.’

Are you still with the navy then?

“Officially until next month, they are putting me out to pasture after thirty odd years’ service.’

“Congratulations Peter, Look the meal tonight is on us alright.’

“Are you sure, that is so nice of you said Janet.’

“We look after our own.’ Michael saluted Peter then turned sharply and marched back to the kitchen.’

“Wow, that was so nice I wasn’t expecting that.’

After their meal they drank coffee, Peter left five pounds for the waitress who had served them. Peter drove them home. Janet told Rose that they’d had a lovely meal.

“Is Elizabeth Rose in asked her father and was about to go to her room.

Elizabeth asked not to be disturbed Peter because she ate her dinner then said she was tired.

“I see, well I’ll be seeing a lot more of you all soon, I’m retiring from the Royal Navy next month.’

“Congratulations, a man of leisure then are you.’

 “I hope to join the Merchant Navy Rose, but I’ll only be away two weeks at a time.’

“Well I hope that won’t be for a while Peter. We’ve all missed you here.’

“I don’t plan joining up until November at least.’

“What about Christmas?’

“I’ll be home don’t worry.’

“Right then I’m off to my bed, I’ll leave you two alone.’

No need to rush off Rose stay and have a glass or two of sherry with us.’

“Are you sure.

“Of course, we are said Peter.’

“Alright, if you insist.’

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