"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


48. 48

“You really have no experience of men have you said Chloe inquisitively?’

“No,’ am I doing something wrong, I mean, I don’t want to scare Philip away, I like him a lot.’

 “Well that sort of depends on you. I mean there are some students who just want to add you as another notch on their bedposts and that’s okay as long as you both agree and are sensible about it. I mean sex is great without all the complicated stuff.’

“Complicated stuff, what do you mean?

“You know like marriage, commitment and babies. I want to have fun until I’m at least thirty-five before I settle down.’

I didn’t say I was going to get married to Philip, I was to get my degree and work as a doctor. I’m sure Philip wants that too.’

“Well,’ be careful is all I’m saying, don’t go rushing in and falling in love because it might not be reciprocated.

“How will I know?’

“You’ll know.’ Come let’s go or we’ll miss the lecture.’

“Professor Wilson is a stickler for punctuality.’

They ran down the stairs then outside. The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. There was a fine carpet of pink flowers on the ground as they crossed the grassed area to the college building. The Janitor was washing a corridor as they passed and went up the stairs to the first floor to the Cooke Room. Sir Matthew Cooke was one of the best medical professors in Britain. Today there was an autopsy on a 65-year-old coal miner who had died of pneumoconiosis or (Black Lung Disease).

Looking down from her seat she saw Professor Edward Wilson address the class.

“Here we have a gentleman who has been exposed to coal dust for over 40 years.’

 The forty-five-year-old professor was dressed for a surgical procedure his face mask rested below his chin as he talked.

“Pneumoconiosis develops in the lungs in a milder form called anthracosis caused by coal carbon. This is normally asymptomatic and can be found in many urban dwellers from air pollution. Black lung effects the respiratory bronchioles. It causes nodular lesions within the lungs. These can become necrotic due to Ischemia leading to large cavities within the lungs. These are 1cm in diameter.’

“Can anyone give me a diagnosis?  Mr. Robson please enlighten us.’

The bearded Simon Robson stood up and gave his conclusion that the diagnosis took three stages. Exposure to coal dust and other carbons, followed by a chest x-ray and exclusion of alternative diagnosis such as fibrosis or silicosis.

Professor Wilson began the procedure of removing the deceased man’s lungs he pointed out the black tar like substance within the lung and showed the lesions within the lung. He then showed the lung of a man of the same age who had lived in the country and had died of an inherent heart problem. A lengthy discussion took place after the procedure regarding lung diseases then the students left to write up their notes. Looking around there was no sign of Philip, he had missed the lecture and Deborah Jane was worried in case something was wrong with him. She left Chloe and headed to The Strand where Philips flat was located.

She walked very quickly along the streets until she reached number 37 and then knocked on the door.

There was no answer so Deborah Jane walked along to the local pub to see if he was there.

There was still no sign of him and she began to wonder if he was seeing another student.


Eventually after an hour she returned to his flat and again banged on the door. This time a woman came out from the house next door.

“Can I help you she said?’

Yes, I’m looking for Philip have you seen him?

Yes, Phil went out early this morning, he usually goes for a run.’

“Well he missed an important lecture this morning.’

“I can give him a message when he comes back if you like.’

“Would you, that is so kind of you.’

  Deborah took out her note pad and wrote a message then handed it to the woman.

“If you could just give that to Philip for me I’d be very grateful thank you.’

The fifty something year old smiled and the lines across her eyes showed that she’d had a hard life. Her house reminded her of her real father’s house. The way she was dressed with a simple dress and pinafore. Her hair was tied back with clips and a headscarf told a story of poverty. The inside of her passage walls that had no wallpaper and the fact that there was no carpet down on the floor and that tell-tale smell that emitted from it brought it all back from the last time she went to see her father. All those years had passed and people were still living like this she thought. Deborah Jane wondered if she had children or a husband come to that. What future would they have living in these conditions? The lecture that she’d had just two hours ago about urban living came to mind. Deborah thought how lucky she was, even though her stepfather had abused her she had not wanted for a single thing. She had never gone without food or had a dirty bed to sleep in. her clothes were all bought new, not second hand.

Deborah Jane thanked the woman who told her that she was called Daphne.’ Before heading back to her apartment.

It was eight o’clock that evening when there was a knock at the door Chloe had gone out with a couple of friends and she was left in the house on her own.

Deborah was busy writing her notes and set down her pen on the table and went to answer the door. Standing at the door was Philip holding out a bottle of wine.

“Where were you, you missed the autopsy she said looking very concerned.’

“I slept in sorry, I knew someone would be taking notes.’

“So, you just went for a run instead of coming to the lecture?

Yes,’ I know Professor Wilson abhors late comers so I thought it best to stay away.

Aren’t you going to let me in, I’ve brought my books around and I thought we could confer notes.’

“Why did you wait until now to tell me that, I’ve been around to your flat twice?

“After my run I went around to see a mate of mine he’s just got back from Africa he’s been to Ethiopia as a trainee tending the sick and the starving children.’ You wouldn’t believe what’s going on there. Jake wants to go back out there after he graduates.’

Deborah Jane let Philip in. he followed her up the stairs and he couldn’t help looking at her peach like bottom as she walked. He hips moved from side to side making his loins stir. He put any thoughts of sex out of his mind after he saw what mood Deborah was in.

She sat at the table where her books were and Philip joined her.

He placed the bottle of red wine on the table. Then he removed his coat and the cloth shoulder bag containing his study books.

So how did the autopsy go.’

“Not a pleasant sight, here I’ve done the notes just copy them out.’

Philip opened his book and began to write.

 Scruffy faced kids played on the swings in Scots Park. Some of the older boys were swinging like monkeys on the witches’ hat. From bar to bar they moved around, hanging upside down as the ride went around and around. The boys on the swings stood on the seats going ever higher as they threatened to go over the top of the bar without realizing the dangers. On the end swing Elizabeth Rose was one of them. She felt more at home playing with the boys than she did with any of the girls her age. Elizabeth was content to play the games that they played jumping off the top of the bike sheds and rolling in the grass. Often, she would steer a bogie being pushed down Tanners Bank by two other boys. She was fearless going down the bank at top speed to race against the other boys. Elizabeth Rose was never a one for getting her nose in a book and doing her homework. She didn’t care. No matter how many times her mother berated her she just disobeyed her and ran out and was away down the street to Eddie Turnbull’s house. Jackie Law, Helen Johnson and Susan Bean were the only girl friends that she had at school. They cared not about her face and her thick prominent eyebrows and black hair that was cut short, not because her mother had cut it that way it was at her own request. She hated the way she looked and because of what was happening to her with her father. She wanted to make herself ugly so that he wouldn’t touch her. She had protected herself from what was happening to her by locking her thoughts away inside the cocoon of her own mind. She was too afraid to tell anyone because of what her father had said, she didn’t want to be locked up. Even her best friends didn’t know. She dreaded her father coming home from sea. Whilst he was away she was free to do as she pleased but when he was home her father would find ways to be alone with her so he could touch her in places that he wasn’t meant to. He would come into her room and get into bed with her then it would begin. He would make her touch his penis, and masturbate him. Then he would touch her breasts that were quite large for her age.

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