No Match For Us

They are the monsters that live amongst us. Only people with the Sight can perceive them as they truly are. El is one of these people. She runs a bar for them and others with the Sight, along with her best friend Beck. But one night Beck is kidnapped, and maybe El isn’t anything like she though she was.


2. Chapter Two

If you’re one of Them, you’ll see my bar on the corner of Deep and Court in California, just south of Gott’s Burgers in San Francisco.

This corner doesn’t exist to normal people.

But to us, there’s Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Magical Attire, Selkie Swimwear, Hella’s Hella Good Bar And Grill (special tonight firepopper milkshakes with fried Flight Fish), Castles, Countries, and Mansions: Crow And Beerunner’s Real Estate, Get Familiar With Your Familiar Shoppe, and various merchants and hawkers selling wares. Of course, the floating lanterns and swirling balls of magic make it a little hard for non magicals to see it all, but it’s there.

Our bar is by far the most popular; Fire And Bone Pub is always packed with people clamoring for our special drinks. One of the most popular: FireWhiskey Burn, The drink that gets you drunk on a sip. It’s actually quite good, once you develop a taste for it.

“Kelsey!” I shouted, wrinkling my nose at a fire breathing Flickter regular that was known for causing trouble as he walked in the door. “On it,” half-blooded giantess Kelseytrekareli purred.

“Hey- wait- AIIIGH!” Flickter Boy screeched as he was flung out of the bar. He ran as fast as he could away from the bar. Kelsey dusted off her hands and walked back to her place as bodyguard.

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