The Calm Before The Storm (Subject to change)

The world is divided in two, the Vasco and the humans. You could almost say the Vasco had superpowers, but the reality is much, much darker. In a destroyed kingdom, where the Vasco rule, the humans are being slaughtered, and towns obliterated.

Z is a young man who takes pleasure in minding his own business, as he has a secret that must never get out, but after reminiscing with his past, and a series of unfortunate events, he is thrust into the war and he must get his hands dirty if he wants to uncover the truth about himself and those around him.

It seems you can never truly know a person, until you know yourself.

Note: Currently a 19,000 word project and still in progress. All names are subject to change and most likely will. This story is still in editing, so any plot holes, grammar errors and general story writing skills will all be significantly improved in the near future.

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5. Heartbreak and Apologies

Chapter 5

'Heartbreak and Apologies'


"I didn't expect you to go this far." A voice sounded from behind him, but Z didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. The silence continued, as Mr Calridge sat down beside Z, who was by this point, too exhausted to make him leave. He sighed softly.

“I never thought I’d come back to this town, let alone come back to my house. It was where my hell all began, after all." Z explained, avoiding the word 'home' since that was one thing he knew this wasn't. By now, Mr Calridge should have realised who he was. And sure enough, he had.

“Your house…” Mr Calridge said softly. “I was right. It is you, Z, isn’t it?” he continued, a hint of disbelief in his voice.

“In the flesh and blood. By looking at your disbelief, I take it you didn’t expect to see me ever again,” Z said harshly. Mr Calridge’s gaze froze onto the ground, as the tension suddenly grew between them. “Sunset was the designated time, yet I waited until sunrise the next day. I could never forget that day; I remember it like it was yesterday,” Z said painfully, though he tried not to show any emotion.

“My actions that day… I’ve regretted them ever since. I want to explain-”

“I don’t need any explanations from you!” Z bellowed before inhaling and continuing calmly, “besides, I already know why you did what you did. You were a coward.”

“I apologise Z, and I mean it. I was afraid, yes, but it wasn’t easy for me to do what I did. I still love you like my own son,” Mr Calridge said apologetically. Despite the hope in Mr Calridge’s eyes, Z knew a simple apology would not change anything.

 “You have no right to say that. No right minded father would ever abandon their child,” Z said sternly, trying to stay calm under the circumstances. “I am not your son, and someone like you could never be my father.” His words were harsh, and followed by silence. He didn’t want to act like the bad guy, but he was angry… and hurting.

“Please forgive me, Z,” Mr Calridge pleaded, but he pleaded on deaf ears.

“Seven years old,” Z stated calmly. “I was only a child. I suppose you thought that after all the death and pain I had experienced, I would be fine out there all alone in the world, just like you were. I waited for you, and prayed you would still come, but I eventually got tired of waiting. All these years I told myself that something had happened, something had stopped you from meeting me and I forgave you in my head. But not now. I can’t forgive you now knowing the reason you abandoned me was because you were scared,” Z said, clenching his fists as he remembered his past.

“I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry, Z,” Mr Calridge said softly, and Z could tell by his sad tone that he really did mean it. Z laid back onto the grassy bank, with his arms crossed behind his head. There were no more clouds in the sky, just bright and glistening stars. He closed his eyes softly. He could hear Mr Calridge getting up, he was running away again, nothing new. With the soft, and now comforting sound of the crackling fire, and the gentle breeze of the wind, Z drifted into oblivion. 

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