Magic In The Air

Narci and her brother are in their mother's Academy Of Magic Excellency. Then one day, a guy and his gang of kids broke into the school. The kids of the Academy Of Magic Excellency panicked. What were they going to do?


2. 2

At home, Narci fidgeted a lot because tomorrow was the first day of school. She walked back and forth across her bedroom floor and flopped down on her bed with a kerplop! She grabbed her laptop and placed it on her lap. She looked through the Academy of Magic Excellency website and saw that the classes were like her elementary school but two periods were for practicing magic. Narci looked through the commentary and saw that the Academy of Magic Excellency had very hard classes and is the best magic school in the country! She then closed her laptop and heard the front door click open. She ran out to see who came home. It was her oldest brother, Hawk, and he came home with a cute and tall girl. Narci was so happy he came home today. Hawk was in college so she didn't get to see him a lot. Narci hugged Hawk very tightly and Hawk hugged back. 

    Narci asked Hawk, "Who is this girl?" as she stared at the girl intently.

    Hawk replied, "Oh! This is my girlfriend, Tali. She's a new student in the College of Mystery Magic and she's in my biology class, magic class, and lunch. Tali, meet my sister, Narci. Narci, meet my girlfriend, Tali."

    Narci said to Tali, "Hi." and shook hands with Tali.

    Tali said, "Hi."

    Hawk kissed Tali on the cheek. Tali blushed and kissed him back.

    Narci looked away and started toward her room. 



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