Power Pals 2- the escape

Hope must escape prison and show she's innocent while Dawn and Kelly try and get Rosemary into trouble


1. What happened!

'What happened?' Hope asked, holding the bars of the prison, 'and why don't I have my powers?'

Dawn and Kelly were standing opposite the bars and looked upset then curious.

'What do you mean what happened? you burned her on fire!'

Hope looked confused,  'What do you mean 'you burned her on fire!'' 

'You left the classroom and half an hour later I felt worried and the fire alarm as well as the water roof went off.  So I asked the teacher if I can have a look and I saw on my way the teachers outside their room, on their faces was a sign of horror. I asked what was wrong and one I think it was Miss Walker told me that it was you,  I didn't believe her until I saw you lying on the floor with,  a few feet away, Rosemary. I still kinda didn't believe it, ' Dawn explained.

'I believed it, ' Kelly said.

'Yeah but you believed...  she'd burn anything.'


'Stop arguing,  you know I'm in jail right,  also where's my powers?' 

'Good question, ' Dawn said,  she took one step to the left and pointed behind her,  'there, and all you got to do is to press the button but on the button is a finger reconision, it'll only unleash your powers if the button is pushed by one of the leaders. 

A bell rang which meant all visitors had to leave. 

'We need to go now, ' Dawn said.

'Just wait a sec,  next week on Wednesday meet me behind the school 1pm. I will escape and see you then, then we can prove I'm innocent. '

'Deal, ' Dawn and Kelly said at the same time. 

Then they left for Hope to create a plan and put it into action. But she already had the planning bit done, now all she needed was to do was put it into action. 

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