Power Pals 2- the escape

Hope must escape prison and show she's innocent while Dawn and Kelly try and get Rosemary into trouble


3. The plan

Toby put on a mask which made his face look like Hope's.

'Can I have your powers too?' Toby asked.

Hope looked around, found a golden ring which she put on her right hand and she burned the fireplace. She then took the ring off her finger and threw it to Toby, who put it on his middle finger which was on his right hand. Hope also passed him her invisible glove, which he put on his right hand. 

'Thanks,' he said,  through gritted teeth.

Hope stopped, spinned on the spot to face Toby and said in a confused way,  'you're welcome. '

Hope walked to her computer and said 'come on, go.'

Toby ran carefully trying not to bring any attention, to the back of the school to see Dawn and Kelly. Toby saw Dawn and Kelly leaning on the wall. 

'Where were you?' Dawn asked.

'Come on,  It was hard to escape,' Toby lied thinking that's what Hope would say. 

'Okay, now what are the plans to make yourself innocent?' 

Alarms went off, prison alarms. They must have known Hope and Toby escaped and before you could say anything. Toby,  Dawn and Kelly were surrounded and the only thing they could try and do is to fight their way out. 


While that was going on Hope was looking at the tape, which was filming the date Rosemary framed her. At 10:00 am on the film, you can see rosemary's plan work.  All Hope needed was to show everyone this. And she knew how.

She looked around the room, and saw the 'lost and found' box.  Smiling, she looked in the lost and found and the money bank. Altogether she found a hoodie she could use to hide herself plus 200 pounds which she used to buy a plane for two hours. With the plane she picked up Dawn, Toby and Kelly, they didn't know who she was because she was wearing her hoodie but as soon as they got on board they asked who was under the hood. Hope looked at the piolet.

'Are any of you police?' Hope asked in the deepest voice she could. 

Everyone shook their heads. 

'Piolet?  Are you a cop?' Hope asked in the same voice. 

'No sir... urr or miss,' the piolet said. 

Hope took a deep breath and took off her hood. Everyone looked confused until Toby took off his mask. 

'I need your help! Okay I'm innocent and I've got this to prove it, ' Hope said,  holding up the tape of her getting framed. 

'A tape c'mon who uses them anymore?' Kelly asked. 

'The school do for their security now first thing, make everyone,  especially teachers and Rosemary to the hall at school, second,  show everyone the film,  third, I come in the room and we spot rosemary and bang she's in prison not me.' Everyone understood the plan and did the plan.

First,  Dawn and Kelly shouted Hope had escaped go to the hall to be safe which worked out perfectly but they mad sure every teacher was there and they made sure at the front was Rosemary. 

Second,  Dawn said to everyone that they got their hands on a tape to help with the prison situation,  it wasn't what they expected but it wasn't a lie the teachers thought this would tell them where Hope was but better it told them who was responsible. 

Third, Hope walked in the room, to the front and stayed still,  after 5 seconds of no one doing anything Hope shouted,  'Rosemary's responsible and she's there,' while pointing to Rosemary.

Everyone ran at Rosemary and as she was being dragged to what everyone knew was prison,  she opened her mouth and spoke,  'this isn't the last time you'll see me, Mark my words. '

On that same day,  Hope also said bye to Toby. They would be sure to see each other in a while. 

'Nice fighting,' an old man said,  walking towards Dawn,  Kelly and Hope, 'what's your names?'

'Thanks, what's our names to do with you? ' Hope asked,  confused and in a mean way.

'I would like to train you three as secret ninjas. What do you say?'

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