Power Pals 2- the escape

Hope must escape prison and show she's innocent while Dawn and Kelly try and get Rosemary into trouble


2. The escape

In prison, Hope gets five pieces of bread and five cups of water a day so they won't be starving. Everyday they get let out for two hours, this is where Hope does some trading,  On Monday she gave someone four pieces of her bread for a bow,  two arrows and a box where she collected all her bread and stuff to escape. On Wednesday,  she bought someone to get her,  her invisible gloves which doesn't show any prints as well as looking like your actual hand. On Thursday she bought two pieces of string and on Friday she made her escape. 

First she tied the string to the arrow and the other side of the string to the bow than she put her gloves on and waited a few seconds for a guard to give her some bread. Hope held it with her hand, which was in the glove and she tied it to the tip of the arrow. Because it had the guards fingerprints on it, that'll mean when Hope shootes the arrow on the button it will see a guards fingerprint so it'll let out Hope's powers so she can burn through the wall.  But before she shot the arrow someone next to her cell called Toby, who got her, her gloves, said,  'Wait I now know what I want in return,  I want you to get me out of here.'

Hope did one nod than tried to shoot the red button, which she hit it on her third shot. The infinity glass, which was the only glass that can contain people's powers,  broke and a red substance, which was Hope's powers, on which was inside the glass escaped and shot as fast as a flash to Hope. She then burned the bricks stopping her from getting out. 

Hope then walked ten feet to the left, looked at the prison wall, on the other side of this wall should be Toby's cell. Hope used her powers and burned a hole in the wall the size of medium window.

'Climb through,' Hope whispered to Toby, who was looking at the bars which trapped him.

A boy, who was the same age as her turned around, he had a black eye and a cut on her lip and he was smiling. He crawled out of the hole and they ran to a grey,  castle-looking house,  where they sat on wooden chairs. 

'I can't believe that nobody has come here, for anything, anyway thanks for getting me out,' Toby said, smiling. 

'It's fine but I've got a plan which I'd like you to help me with,' Hope whispered the plan and while she was talking,  Toby face changed from happy to shocked to amazed and finally to excited. Toby smiled to say that he wanted to do the plan and Hope responded with a thumbs up. 

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