This is a story about a girl named Aariyah and her little brother named Alex. They arent your average rich and wealthy kind of kids, infact, they are anything but.
Aariyah and Alex have been homeless for quite sometime, can a possible switch of families possibly change their lives?


3. Mystery Man Part 1

-Alex's P.O.V- 


I wake up and roll over on the hard cold ground. "Sissy!" I call out, but I earn no response. I get up tiredly and look around.... Aariyah is no where in sight. I walk around the park and I see her standing by the woods....I tiredly walk up to her and give her a hug. "I wuv you big sissy" I say as i engulf her in a hug. She looks down at me and it looks as if she was crying. I asked her what was wrong but she just replied with nothing and picked me up. "We have to go" She says as shes carrying me, now on her back. We walk back to the place where our belongings were. She sets me down on the picnic table and hands me food from yesterdays dumpster dive. I eat slowly. After we finish eating..we grab our stuff and start walking again. We keep walking.....by now its really dark outside and I am starting to get tired.


-Aariyahs P.O.V- 

"Im tired, sissy" I hear Alex say....I sigh and set our stuff down in a nearby alley way. "We can sleep here....there is padding over there because of the old gym room. He smiles a little bit and nods. We walk over to the padding and we lay down, falling into a deep deep slumber. 


 Part 2

-The Next Morning-

-Aariyahs P.O.V-

I woke up to darkness....I tried to look around but all I see is darkness. I try to feel around but I can't move, then I come to realize that I am tied up...I immediately panicked. "ALEX!!!" I yell....but I don't get a response. "ALEX, WHERE ARE YOU!" I yell again, this time getting punched in the gut. I yelped in pain. Whatever was over my head got pulled off and 3 scary guys and 1 scary girl was standing in front of me. I look around to try to find my brother. "Where is Alex?" I tried to ask, earning a slap across the face from the girl. "Look, this is what we are going to do, you do as I say and you or your notty haired brother will not get hurt." I look at her with hurt. "He cant help it that his hair is messy....we are homeless, this is how we live." She smacks me again. "Dont you dare ever talk to me like that again, whore." She says harshly. I keep my head down and be quiet....where is my brother? 


Alex's P.O.V

"AARIYAH, AARIYAH WHERE ARE YOU!?" I scream as loud as I can, I dont know where I am or how I got here. I just want my sister. I hear shuffling wherever I am, but I can't see anything... "Aariyah, is that you?" I ask... I hear a deep voice... "Shut the fuck up...mut." I stay quiet, tears streaming down my face.. 


-Mystery Man's P.O.V-

"Where are they at?" I ask my team. "Both in separate rooms, sir." One of my co-eds say. "Put them in the same room....they need to see this....put the bags over their head."  My team members go and get the kids, I think its time that they knew... 


A/N Who do you guys think MYSTERY MAN is??? Comment down below!! how is the story so far?

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